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Blessings to All who enter the Afro Alchemist Portal. This is an officially launched, literary and journalistic enterprise created, articulated and piloted by E Raymond Brown and Kody MF Jarrett. It is simultaneously a personal growth based, Afrocentric centered, pop culture riffing, socio-politcal model deconstructing, cosmology dot connecting, unboxed, renegade, psychic cyberspace experiment   … to put it in a nutshell.

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Anyway, we’re so glad you have chosen to take a tour. Or perhaps you got somehow snagged up in the tricky rip tide of the blogsphere interconnection frenzy. We don’t really care. You’re here. So look around a minute. We are a work in progress. It’s basically operation Free Yo Mind here baby! And Alchemy is the basis – the very process of transmuting one metal, or elemental substance into the elemental pattern of gold. Why gold??? Because it’s inherently a dynamic and spirit activating pattern. Why else would almost all cultures throughout human existence covet it to such a degree? Because the external metal is also symbolic of the cosmic pattern residing within our own archetypal (innate) make up.

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Now let’s be clear about this -ain’t nobody sitting up around here with some chunks of scrap metal trying to mind bend that stuff into gold! No no no. You are totally misconstruing what the emphasis is on here, if that is where your are interpreting. What we are focused on is transmuting the internal pattern of whatever substance we are acting within the frequency pattern of (and therefore spirit of), into the frequency pattern of the golden threads laying dormant within our own psychic nature. We are symbolically touching those possibilities by elevating consciousness through investigation of the whole, as well as the liberating, intensely creative and complete expression from our most intrinsic aesthetic. In other words, we write from the heart.

Further, we learn to play within and embody the great mystery that life issues from – the very consciousness principle itself. You will definitely need to check in with our cosmology articles (or any of the others, for that matter) and by all means chime in and respond to what you relate to, or where you relate from.

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It’s all to the Ultimate Good. We’re not operating as any hierarchy in the ultimate scheme of things. But please be advised; We don’t ask for permission to be forthcoming in our heartfelt positioning within this Great Game of Life. We are open. But this is, once again, about an exercise of liberating soulful and creative expression for us. So it’s gonna get liberating in here… for real. There will also be a lot of pause and reflection in the process, with others, quite certainly, sharing, contributing and impacting the conversations. It’s definitely going to be about an underlying growth theme.

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But, once again (for the second and third time), we aren’t really taking too many prisoners. In fact, the holding cell has been empty for a good minute. And the refreshment supplies are all but non-existent. Unless you can refresh yourself with some dust. That’s just the way it is. Kody doesn’t seem to like prisoners laying around. He finds them counterproductive. So whatever is said, is just going to be said; stated, stood within, stood upon, spit out, spilled, dropped, laid down, owned up to, perhaps even restated again the same way (but with different words), and ultimately lived from.

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Life is controversial by nature, the further you stand in your own truth. We must all grow to embrace this condition of the Game of Life. So most definitely jump in the conversation when checking out our socio-political, cultural and social/entertainment pieces. We only grow by showing up, engaging and surrendering to the process. We must engage and encourage one another.

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This is a journey into the realm of a distinct and unique brand of Afro Alchemy. Welcome to our portal.

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