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“if you don’t understand white supremacy/racism everything else will  only confuse you”- Neely Fuller jr.


Greetings all you post racial pipe layers and  swirl thirsty bed wenches,

Might I ask that you remove your reality blinders for a quick one minute reproductive math lesson?

Listen up:






you may now return to your illusion of inclusion.





The above formula is the base equation used in enforcing white supremacy as it relates to interracial relationships.  Let this be a lesson to all Oreos (blacks) , bananas (Asians),  coconuts (Latinos) or any other wannabe Aryan aspirants who are under the mistaken impression that they can bleach, dye, weave, nip, tuck,  fuck and suck their way to whiteness.




asaina self hatred




interracial dating

Your children will be denied the official classification of Caucasian  within the White Supremacist racial hierarchy. It is incumbent upon you to educate your children about living as a non-white person in a system that is extremely hostile to their very existence.

Failure to do so will result in deep psychological conflicts, identity problems and a perpetually confused mind state. Your daughters  will be placed on the sexual menu under “exotic appetizers” to be consumed and discarded by white men , and your sons will be  psycho-emotionally castrated then given positions as palace eunuchs, allowed to look but never touch.


The aforementioned passages were written and images  put in place to provide a contextual framework for understanding the May 23, 2014  homicidal rampage of deranged half white supremacist/eunuch Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara California which resulted in the non-fatal injuring of 13 people and the deaths of 3 Asian males , 2 white females and 1 Latino male.

SIMP IN A BEAMER                                                                                 eliot rodgers designer guns

I’m heavy in the street like that 7 series  beemer man/ hit ’em  with the nina man/ or that 4/5th guaranteed to lean ya man/ I’m the reason ya block is vacant/ malicious will hit you just to make a statement bitch!!…

brrrr…what happen to that boy?

brrrr…what happen to that boy?

brrrr…what happen to that boy?


Baby A.K.A. Birdman  What Happen To That Boy?


Elliot Rodger’s decent into self loathing and ultimately to madness began the moment his Chinese mother made the decision to conceive a child with a white man. His Merciless fate was sealed the microsecond his soul incarnated into a  Y chromosome sentencing him to life as a non-white male in a white supremacist system.


No doubt his father knew what lie ahead  but was ill equipped to teach him how to navigate a system set up to deny him a full measure of manhood and his confused mother surely believed she was giving him what to her seemed the greatest gift of all, white blood in a world ruled by white people.

                                                                                         rodgerpeter              ” He was jealous of me, the way I looked”- Peter Rodger (1)


Neither  Elliot Rodger’s Mother or his father knew how to raise an Asian boy to be an Asian man , which is what he was according  to the good ol’ American one drop law, and  he hated himself because the white people who’s validation he so desperately craved  never let him forget it.

Ever notice how the one drop law doesn’t work in the opposite direction? i.e  one drop of white blood never makes you white…just sayin’.


” I envied the cool kids and wanted to be one of them…My first act was to ask my parents to allow me to bleach my hair blonde . I always envied and admired blonde haired people , they always seemed so much more beautiful” (2)

Elliot-Rodger” when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt an intense level of  satisfaction ” (2)


Instead of his parents heeding the sign that their son’s desire to dye his hair blonde at age 9!! was an indication that he was having an identity crisis and begin teaching him to love himself and embrace his Chinese heritage, they did the worst thing  possible by having his hair professionally dyed blonde in an effort to appease his unattainable desire to be accepted as a white kid.

His satisfaction with his whiter appearance was short lived. Ironically, as his Roots began growing in he began to figure out the world and his place in it.

“…I also started to examine myself  and compare myself to these “cool” kids.  I realized with some horror , that I wasn’t cool at all…on top of this was the feeling because I am of mixed race, I am half white and half Asian and this made me different than the normal fully white kids that I was trying to fit in with…I wished I wasn’t half Asian…my father never prepared me for facing such a cruel world”(2).

The eminent black Psychiatrist and  Author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing had this to say about the way Elliot Rodger was parented;

” …He was a child who was being humiliated and tortured by patterns of behavior in the system of white supremacy that his parents, one white and one Asian, were not paying any attention to…they were into a denial of racism/white supremacy…in denial of its impact on their son, but they had their son in predominately white situations  where children were bullying him because he was not white…in mixed race marriages there is usually no preparation of the children for the racism they are going to be experiencing under the system of white supremacy . The parents are usually in denial about the depth of the racism the child will experience, particularly if the child is male”(3).


It comes as little surprise that an ethnic Chinese woman from Malaysia and a white man from England wouldn’t  have a clear understanding about the American racial deep fryer (not melting pot) they tossed their son into. Had they never come to the U.S.  it is entirely possible that their son Elliot wouldn’t have been mentally disfigured as a result of living  under conditions he was totally unprepared for (white supremacy).

Peter and Chin Rodger were both lulled into a false sense of serenity by the socially acceptable dynamic of the white male/ Asian female  relationship that is tacitly encouraged by a western  culture  which holds the white male up as a superior mating choice forall non-white females, especially Asian females. Anecdotal and statistical data bear this out:

” U.S. data report that intermarriage rates among whites and Asians show a gender wide disparity: 72% of Asian-white couples  are White male/Asian female while only 28% of Asian-white marriages are Asian male/White female. Furthermore , 52% of all interracial couples are white male/Asian female.(4)


The following piece of research data buttresses the above mentioned census findings:

” a research study examining racial preferences based on the Facebook dating app found that Asian women seem to favor advances from white men as they responded to yes messages almost 8 % of the time-more than any other race”.(5)


It is clear that Chin Rodger did as many other Asian women do and chose a white man over an Asian man. According to her son Elliot,  Chin Rodger dated many other white men  besides his father, Peter Rodger (Asst. Director, The Hunger Games) . Her clear preference being white males of high status  such as George Lucas (Director/ Producer, Star Wars) and another wealthy white man named Jack who’s opulent lifestyle Elliot described in the following passage from his manifesto:

“…Jack gave mother the keys to his Malibu beach house…the house was a beautiful,  a white colored mansion located right on a private beach. the back  yard had a swimming pool and a hot tub  with a gate leading to the shoreline…he was worth well over 500 million dollars and he owned other mansions in Bel  Aire and Beverly Hills” (2)


I can’t say if Ms. Rodger is a  gold digger,  but she ain’t fucking with no broke niggas……


…..but I digress


It would be safe to assume that Elliot’s mother’s choice of mates (high status white males) had a profound impact on his view of himself and his strong desire to be identified and accepted as a white male rather than an Asian male.  However, this alone doesn’t explain his intense need to not be perceived as Asian.

The Asian male has been denigrated for over 200 years in American culture. From the nineteenth century up to the present  White people have used vicious stereotyping to destroy the image of the Asian man in the minds of people all over the world. “Asian men in western media have the unfortunate tendency  to be depicted as being nerdy, feminine, comical and shy”.(6)

As my crafty old mama would say ” I can show you better than I can tell you”. check it:


CHINKEE                                      gook_image05anto asian cartoon                                                                                                                              Chiggers_zpsc782dc97


The white supremacist mainstream media are unrelenting in using imagery to demean, demoralize and demonize those they  classify as  inferior. It is a form of psychological warfare raised to a science by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s and perfected by their Jewish  counterparts in Hollywood. This is nothing new to black people. But it is sobering to realize just how hard the beast has rode on the Asian male in movies and television , even going so far as having white actors such as Jerry Lewis, Mickey Rooney, John Wayne, Christopher Lee and David Carradine play Asian roles  performing in “yellow face”. 

 The casting of David Carradine as the lead in the hit 70’s T.V.show Kung Fu  was particularly galling because not only was the show conceptualized by the greatest action movie star of all time, Bruce Lee, it was also supposed to feature him in the lead role of Kane.  After agreeing to give the role to Bruce, the biggest box office draw in the world at the time, the  network bosses backed out of the deal because they believed white America wasn’t ready for a Chinese leading man on television. instead they chose to build the show around a white non -martial artist.

                                                                           JerryLewis_Oriental                                                                                               Starring_Mickey_Rooney





 They even put Fred Flintstone in the mix…damn.

racist  flintstones


It should also be noted that when Hollywood does cast an actual Asian actor in a movie  he is rarely allowed a love interest with a woman of any race , especially a white woman. This portrayal of Asian men as asexual reinforces the most damaging stereotype of all as illustrated by the chart below.


“It’s color was it’s size” – James Baldwin



RACIST CHART                                                                           hollywood's-rules-for-gendered-racism


Young Elliot Rodger thought his fathers status as a white male would be conferred upon him like some type of birth right, but he was wrong. He would only be accepted as who he appeared to be , in his case an  Asian male , and since he had internalized all the toxic racial ideas about Asian men  in white American culture , he could not bear the thought of being relegated to a  status beneath what he mistakenly believed was his white male identity.

He wasn’t a white man and the white women he so desperately wanted never let him forget it. To them he was just a another socially awkward, shy, small, weak , Asian boy.

It was the this part of himself that he subconsciously blamed for his lack of success with the blonde , blue eyed , golden Becky surfer girls that were always beyond his reach. “all those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me as an inferior man if I ever made asexual advance toward them”(7)

It was this part of himself he was trying to kill  when he allegdly drugged, bludgeoned with  a hammer, stabbed  and then mutilated with machetes his first three victims : David Wang, George Chen, and James Hong.




The three men were his roommates and living with them no doubt pushed him over the edge psychologically, visually reinforcing the unwanted image of himself as a non-white male who looked a lot like they did.

Aside from the tragedy of these young Asian brothers losing their lives so senselessly,  the most sickening aspect of their deaths was how little media  attention they received because two of the other victims were white females, and we all know how precious the life of a white woman is. And In case you forgot, the rabid army of racist white feminists were fully mobilized to remind you.

Never ones to shy away from dipping their dainty porcelain finger tips in the fresh blood of others to advance their self serving agenda, the white feminists took to their brooms and filled the airwaves, social media and the twitter verse with shrill diatribes about misogyny, patriarchy, male privilege , etc.  even going so far as creating the hashtag #yesallwomen.

So three Asian young men get bludgeoned with a goddamn hammer and then hacked to death with two fucking machetes ( I guess the first one got dull mid massacre)  followed by a Latino kid being gunned down, but the issue is misogyny and violence against women?  Even when the majority of the victims were men?  the truth is our lives never matter to these MISANDRISTS  (Yeah, look THAT up)

fuck outta here


Truth be told we are going to keep on having dudes snap off and start killing as long as we don’t address the true cause for this culture of violence , white supremacy. It breeds seething hate and deep frustration / resentment into its victims and corrodes the humanity of its beneficiaries.

Somewhere right now a sad, angry  man is buying guns low key and quietly stock piling bullets with bad intentions.





1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWvm6KI1S9M







additional reading:


















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