Response to “Ho, Sit Down!”

Well, er uh… first of all, I want to state that the tone of the “Ho, Sit Down!” piece could not only be described as direct, but could also be interpreted as somewhat inflammatory.  I mean using phrases like “cash dummies,” and referring to her latest virtual wave shaking release as an “odious stank ho sing along,”… I mean, is that necessary?  Obviously we can identify Mr. MF Jarrett as being somewhat disturbed about a mere pop music poster campaign, harmlessly intended to make some type of vague association with a recognized historical African American leadership symbol during the month of February (which happens to be what we have been allotted as “Black History Month,” while the dominant group politely takes the other eleven).  I believe Ms. Minaj had already come out and stated in response to so much, somehow unanticipated backlash, that she didn’t even come up with it herself; it was just an idea sent to her by an associate (or something of this nature).  I believe she apologized, owned up and recanted.

So I mean, obviously, there seems to be an issue that is still eating at Mr.  Jarrett and several of our community members about what they view as the utter idiocy, the utter audacity, the utter utteracity of this prevalent element in young, Afrocentric, pop culture.  To the point where Mr Jarrett has taken it upon himself, through this Afro Alchemist vehicle, to stand up and unequivocally state, “Ho sit down!!”  Now… I don’t know that this would be the approach that say, recognized communal voices like Bill Cosby, Tom Joyner, Alfred Sharpton, T.D Jakes, Tavis Smiley or a Jesse Jackson would take.  But on the other hand, they probably wouldn’t object to the request if she were to at the very least, momentarily comply… “Ho, sit down!!” 
What I’m getting at, is that while Mr. MF Jarrett’s stance seems to be quite affrontive in nature, there are also quite a few among us (quiet as it shouldn’t be kept) who harbor the same basic sentiment.  But they would never state it in such a fashion.  However, this is all a matter of context and language… or thought coding.  What occurs as shocking expression to some is often just matter of factness to others.  I don’t think Mr. Jarrett meant “Ho, go and meditate,” “Ho, collect yourself,” or “Ho, do a little more research before you open your mouth expressing your thought process.”  I think he just meant simply what he said: “Ho, sit down!”… plain and simple.  Take a class on your glorious, magnificent history and culture, if you find yourself able to (with such an intensely busy schedule).  And there you can easily find a seat to just quietly sit down and learn, absorb.
Or, perhaps he meant symbolically to sit down; as far as poppin’ off at the mouth with subject matter dealing with and requiring cultural and historical intelligence (obviously she has a high Hood drama IQ).  That could have easily been where Kody was taking it.  And perhaps, or should I say obviously, he felt it was time.  I mean this is the thing that I do get, even if I may miss a lot of other stuff periodically; people can only tolerate so much stupidity.  And then it just becomes outright super-ridiculous, ratchet-based retardation.  Are people supposed to just inactively sit in a struggle class, cement ceiling cycled, prime time tabloid network flooded stupor waiting for Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey and ML King, Jr. to end up on “Lookin Ass NIgga” remix promos??  Hey yeah, what about throwing Jesus up there?  Then changing the title from “Lookin Ass Nigga,” to “Seein’ Ass NIgga.”  Oh, wait a minute.  But now you’re offended??  Don’t tell me … that’s taking it TOO FAR!!??
Oh, I see how some of your thought codes and programs work.  As long as it was Brotha Malcolm, you would’ve just asked them to turn the music down after 10:30 on a week night?  Well, I think what Mr. Jarrett and others are suggesting is, it’s already gone waaay tooo far!
So, while I must admit I like me some sticky-icky-icky, big hydro-booty Nicki, and the ever slizzippin’ Weezy, along with my boy the ever butter-ballin’ cross-over, Toronto flaggin’, Oy Vey gangsta rap prince, Dreezy (I appreciate all of their creative genius), I also get that their skills extend only as far as a certain limited neurological and pop cultural domain.  Once you get to another level of cultural, spiritual and communal consciousness, they don’t even show up on the radar.  So… it is what it is. Somebody buy them a small case of the autobiography of Malcolm books, just so they can keep a couple with them on the tour bus and their private planes while they travel the world over, rockin’ millions in the crowds to their groundbreaking, mental liberation encoded, 2014 Black History month release – Lookin Ass NIggaaahhhh!!!!

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