“It go Halle Berry or hallelujah/pick your poison tell me what you doing/everybody gon’ respect the shooter/ but the one in front of the gun lives forever”- Kendrick Lamar

Nearly two times a week in the United States a white police officer killed a black person during a seven year period ending in 2012 according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported by the F.B.I” (1)

“He who feels it, knows it”- Bob Marley



It was a week ago today that we sent young Mike Brown home to the ancestors.  All the news crews have packed up and ran  off to their next propaganda mission. The plate passing grief grifters have folded their sideshow tents and wait with avaricious anticipation for the next MikeBrownEzellFordEricGarnerJordanDavisTrayvonMartin  funeral procession to pass by.







The fog of tear gas has long since lifted and the smoke has cleared , but you can best believe the fires ain’t gone out.

Your celestial kinfolk are not bullshitting ,we are in a spiritual quickening.

August is the hottest month of the year , a time when the sun intensifies and as ” black folk we come to our senses.”

tap into your melanin and remember:

  • Freed Black slaves Helped the British burn the white house down on August 23, 1814.(2)
  • Watts riot August 11 to August 17th , 1965.  A riot that started because of white cops beating a black man during a traffic stop.

And to add a lil more ancestral heat to the summer sunrays Marcus Garvey’s birthday is on August 17th.

“Kody you need to stop with all this spooky ancestor bullshit”


Think so my nigga?  check this out:



Our Egyptian (Kemetian) ancestors have stepped thru the portal that opened up in 2012.

Pay attention.

The ka is usually translated as ‘double’, it represents a person’s double. It is what we would call a spirit or a soul. The ka was created at the same time as the physical body. It was believed that the ram-headed god Khnum crafted the ka on his potter’s wheel at the time of a persons birth. A persons ka would live on after their body had died. (3)

KA 2


and now :



Image: Demonstrators confront police with their arms raised during on-going demonstrations to protest against the shooting of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri

Fear not beloved , the ancient old ones have returned  and tanks, tear gas, and machine guns won’t protect the wicked from paying what they owe.

Keep a close eye on all the natural disasters that occur in America from this point forward and note who is effected by them the most.

Guess what family? it won’t be us.

Just watch and see.

Sleep if you want to , shit been got real.



The wanton acts of lawless savagery exhibited by the New York City  and Ferguson Police departments as well as the California Highway patrol this summer served as a psychological purgative for people of color around the world.  American White Supremacy got exposed in a way it hasn’t been since the 1992 Rodney King Beating.

marlene pinnock





 In the subsequent 24 years the White Supremacists have worked hard to lull non-white people into believing that we humans who shared the earth with them  now lived in a “post-racial” world where the color code they created and enforced with brutal efficiency for hundreds of years supposedly no longer applied and non-white people were  now being judged on their merits alone. This fiction was embodied by the Animatronic Negroid cyborg that resides in the Aptly named White House.

white Obama


Dots have been connected. The globally oppressed recognize our common oppressor. His shit smells the same where ever he squats.


There he go right there , walking down front street.

And all his ice bucket shenanigans ain’t going to divert our attention away from him.


Check what a Palestinian cat had to say about our common struggle  :

The last dispiriting likeness is the betrayal of that hope–that leader who works for the very structure oppressing the people he seems to most represent, who is revealed to be only the latest trick for a white supremacist system of violence and dispossession that can superficially change, but will not budge. The leader that arms the enemy, kills for them, lies for them, and prevents racial and economic justice for his own ostensible people. For the people of Palestine, it is Abbas. For the people of Ferguson, Sanford, Oakland and other cities, this is Obama–whose bloodless and offensive commentary on the murder of Mike Brown shocked a nation of angry people perhaps as much as the FPD response did. They couldn’t seem any more different superficially, of course, but more and more, we see they have the same white supremacist, capitalist boss.(4)


Once the people of Gaza  saw what was going on in Ferguson peep the kind of info. they sent them via social media:





I can hear some of ya’ll  saying  “fuck them Arabs they enslaved us too and are still enslaving black Africans in Sudan”.

My response to that is be more precise in your critical thinking. The people of Palestine aren’t running slaves and to my knowledge never have.  If we have any hope of getting the boot of  this  murderous war beast off of our necks we’ve got to think globally and learn from the experiences of those who face the same type of oppression we do.

Besides did you know some Arabs love the hell out of Tupac Shakur?



Among certain Black people who are spiritually aware , culturally conscious and actively trying to fight white supremacy in some way, shape or form  there is a belief that we should not criticize other black people.

Their logic goes something like this:   Since we all are being victimized by the system of white supremacy they should not be held accountable for any of their actions that may be counterproductive to advancing the cause of replacing racism with justice. All our criticisms and efforts should be reserved for white people.

I disagree.

The sellouts, coons, traitors, and self hating black people who actions serve to undermine the efforts of those of us who are putting in work do far more damage to us than the white man. They are undercover agents of white supremacy.


By remaining silent in the face of their betrayal we tacitly co-sign their bullshit and send a message to our kids that it’s ok to act in their own self interest at the expense of us as a collective.


Beware the Smiling Serpents and Black Devils.


There seems to be a high concentration of Sambo sellouts in the entertainment industry. This should come as no surprise because historically many black entertainers willingly portrayed vile stereotypical  characters on stage and in film with little regard for how this would negatively impact how American Black people saw themselves and how other people would see us through out the world.


For a brief moment in time we had powerful black  men and women entertainers such as Paul Robeson , Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee , Harry Belafonte , Canada Lee, Rosetta Lenoire and Frederick O’neal  who showed and proved that you  didn’t have to demean yourself on film and television to be an artist. They stood strong and paid the price, but held their heads as proud black men and women.

The modern entertainment/sports industrial complex  has become more sophisticated and subtle in its use of black faces to debase and vilify us in the media. They do this by rewarding those who remain silent on issues of race or limit their critiques to other black people while silently punishing those who have the courage to speak out.

This is where we get the Don Lemons , Larry Elders, Morgan Freemans,  Russell Simmons types from.


fighting for whitey

Rather than openly call out the obvious white racial hatred and bias that exists both within the media and out side of it, they remain quiet as church mice or throw shade at other black people by saying dumb shit like “what about black on black crime?” or “why don’t we teach our kids to pull their pants up?” or “it’s black culture that is the problem, not racism/white supremacy .”

What the fuck does that have to do with Police Killing innocent , unarmed black men?



Nothing at all. which is why they are allowed to get on television and say it.


Don’t be taken in by these Uncle Toms and their house nigga hustle.


The aftermath of the Michael Brown Killing and community uprising flushed self hating entertainers out into the open. It was sad, but yet so very informative to see them buck dance for a pat on the head  and a chicken wing from white people.

If you see one of these banjo plucking darkies  in public and making us look bad , feel free to chin check they monkey asses.


Al Sharpton


Uncle Al  a.k.a  “the incredible shrinking big shot”got up at Mike Brown’s funeral and preached down to black America telling the crowd that the “black community mistakenly thinks it’s about how low you can go” and that among black people “it ain’t black no more to be successful” and that black people have a thing for “ghetto pity parties”(5)

So the people of Ferguson raising up and fearlessly demanding justice was just a mere “ghetto pity party”?  but what else would you expect from a confirmed former F.B.I  snitch whose code name was “CI-7” (6)


Russell Simmons-


Ol’ Uncle Russie  took time out of his busy meditation / prepaid debit card hustling schedule to weigh in on the problem of white cops murdering unarmed black men .   “Police in general get a bad rep and the vast majority are good , loyal souls. but their training and the institutional mentality they come from often leads to a warped perspective of how they function within communities they do not live in. If we are to truly to create a solution to this long ignored problem we must demand that every police dept. in America mandate sensitivity training for their officers.” (7)

Gee  Russy, you think the jews whose asses you readily tongue would have recommended that the Nazi’s get sensitivity training?

Probably not.

Oh , wait maybe i’m too sensitive, let me lighten up by watching your hilarious Harriet Tubman sex tape.




This cat has done some positive things in his community  according to fellow ATL rapper killer Mike . He supposedly has started a construction company that provides jobs and rehabs dilapidated houses. So props for that.

However, he also knows who kept him out of jail and keeps him in line with a paper tail.  So its no wonder he would say something like this regarding the Ferguson uprising . ” we needed to play chess instead of checkers. We should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first…we shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.”

waited to see if justice was served first? Hmmm…lets see there has never in the history of the United states been a case where a white cop was convicted for murdering a black man.

But hey I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Oh, if ya’ll see T.I  ask him what his white minstrel rapper/ Honorary nigga Iggy Azalia has to say about the Mike Brown situation.

Funny how the supposedly “cool” white people with nigger passes like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke ,  etc. have little to say about what happens to us  when it doesn’t involve sports, dancing, rapping , singing or hacking into black culture for street credibility.


Michael B. Jordan-


This is the brother who played Oscar Grant in the film Fruitvale Station. So you would think he would feel some type of way about the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and weigh in with something profound. Here what the brother had to say. “It’s a touchy subject especially as an actor, as a celebrity , it’s really rough on these subjects because you know how we feel as black men…and sometimes you can’t always go out forward with that information”

can you see how he self censored and avoided giving an honest answer?

He knows that if he told the truth his career would dry up. I got news for him , they ain’t gonna give him shit anyway.  This is typical of What we call “industry niggas”.

Always dipping , ducking and dodging anything that would label them as “difficult” or “angry”.  Forever smiling and low key cooning for the next role . That kind of neutered manhood is psychologically corrosive in the long run.

Good luck brother.


I would be remiss if I didn’t  point out of a nascent strain of Industry nigga who’s narcissism and monetary success blind them to the realities of white supremacy and how it affects the lives of all black people who ain’t entertainers.


They are The New Blacks and in their world white supremacy is just a matter of perception and can be overcome through ones personal mindset.

mind over matter

It can be conquered with the power of  thought.


Here are some practioners of New Black thought :





In response to the Ferguson uprising the new school southern rapper tweeted;

“It’s not about race, we just feel neglected as a people by government we trust, and I understand  when a cop is the bad guy it’s way worse”


“If ya’ll really fed up then actually make change create the reality  you wish to live in”

got that ?




it’s not about race and  white supremacy is just a created reality anyway , so y’all better get like little Billy and wish it into the corn field.


Happy Mumy


Keke Palmer



This former cable child star needs to  stick to memorizing lines and staying relevant past 25 instead of plugging into the new black matrix and pontificating on twitter about her views on race. Peep her delusional kumbayaa tweets to the people of Ferguson:

“stop separating yourself through race. That’s the issue we actually think that’s a thing. We are all family”.

” I feel bad for those that choose to believe they’re doomed. You are doomed because you believe so”


I see a Scandal-type of show in her future. Lets see how many roles she gets starring as some white man’s negro bed wench.




Notice the pattern in most of the pictures of these black celebrities.


See the common denominator?




I’m going to close with a bit of strategic information.




Drawing from several sources, experienced observers have suggested some tips for identifying such agents. They’re not foolproof, but they’re a start.


  • Agents will often lack background connections or references. No one in your circles or related groups will know them.
  • Agents try to keep discussions and action unproductive and still. They’ll spend plenty of time debating issues, with little action. They focus on ideas over people.
  • They tend to create messes in groups and between group members. They leave chaos in their wake.
  • They tend to gravitate toward people in the group who are dissatisfied. Once relationships with those folks grow, the dissatisfaction spreads.
  • Some agents have been former prisoners who do this work as part of a deal. These folks tend to jump from organization to organization in a relatively short time.
  • Agents don’t have known sources of income. They might have a job that doesn’t match their spending or claim their money comes from prior savings.
  • They tend to provide gifts for key figures at first. This helps them build trust with the group.
  • When confronted, they will get defensive and start making their own accusations.
  • They act like zealots, but they don’t have the fruit of it. They have passion but don’t truly care. (7)







































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