” on a straight per capita basis, St. Louis Officers fired up to 8 times more than others…from January 2007 through Sept. 30th , 2011 the dept. cleared more than 96% of shootings by officers” (1)

The cold blooded murder of Michael Brown by St .Louis pigs got me vexed something serious.

Shot 6 times while his hands were raised as he begged “please stop shooting me , I don’t have a gun“.

police confiscated cell phones containing footage of shooting from witnesses.

police left his bullet riddled dead body baking in the hot summer sun for over four hours.

police later showed surveillance footage of someone purported to be Michael brown allegedly robbing a store even though he was not stopped in connection with any robbery..

He was two days away from starting college.

The outraged black community erupted and started tearing shit up.

The white media quickly switched the focus away from the cold blooded killing of an innocent man to the looting of businesses by people who feel that if the law don’t work for them , then it ain’t gonna work for no goddamn body.

The pattern is undeniable ; innocent , unarmed black man murdered by police and once again the media criminalizes the black victim and diverts attention away from the innate criminality of the police and the systemic White Supremacy they  are pledged to “protect and serve.”


The enraged spirits of Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Renisha Mcbride , Cary Ball jr. and Jordan Davis have now been joined by Michael Brown.

White hatred is being allowed free rein in a deadly game of  racial three card molly being played by the 1%  with the newly niggerized white middle class.

Its as though black people are being sacrificed to satiate the anger of  bitter white folks who refuse to believe that they have been financially raped , robbed blind and their children sold into student loan debt slavery by  the 1%  elite who look just like them.

Kinda like our African  brothers  who sold us into slavery only this time Karmically justified.

oh, and speaking of Karma…


read’em and weep my vanilla gorillas in the mist.

  • American job prospects in 2014 rival those of India 30 years ago. ( want to work but can’t-yep, your a nigger)
  • American University Graduates are employed not as soft ware engineers and managers but as waitresses and bartenders. They do not make enough money to have an independent existence and live at home their parents.( grown ass still living in your mama’s house-  sho’sounds like a nigger to me)
  • 2/3 of American population is unable to raise $400 cash without selling personal belongings ( got that white folks ? 2/3 of the whole population, not just blacks- everybody! which includes your vanilla gorilla nigga asses too) (2)

and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

The Goddess Kali is finna holla at y’all

You are in the Kali Yuga (3) white man and your karma is calling .  You can murder all the black people you want , but you will never wash away your sins with our blood. 



She is here to see you…..



Time’s up.



We are done with white people. Its time for us to develop  new methods of dealing with them.


These are my suggestions for a code  governing how black people should conduct themselves while living amongst white people under the system of white supremacy. Feel free to add your own.

  • View all white people ( man , woman and child) as racist suspects.
  • stop all sexual activity with white people.
  • spend no money with white people when and wherever possible.
  • cease all non-work related communication with all white people.
  • do not pray with white people to white Jesus. do not engage in any religious practices with white people.
  • do not invite them into your homes . do not visit their homes.
  • while at work do not place any personal items in your work area. No pictures of family, friends, or anything that would give them insight into who you are or what you think. You are behind enemy lines!!!
  • if spoken to be polite, but do not engage in any personal conversations with white people.
  • do not trust black people who are overly friendly with whites.
  • Keep detailed records of any and all legal and business dealings with white people
  • live below your means. Pay cash whenever possible. do not use credit unless you can pay the bill in full at the end of the month.
  • stop buying new cars, expensive jewelry, and designer clothes from white people. choke them off financially.
  • record all police activity whenever possible. If you catch them engaging in criminal activity , upload footage immediately!!!
  • Teach your children what white supremacy is and how to protect themselves from it.
  • do not sell, trade or share any black cultural traditions, creations or practices with white people. exclude them when and where ever possible.



  • get strapped (shot guns for the house, revolvers for the street)
  • get in shape- be prepared to hurt a motherfucker, not just look good.
  • carry a small weapon at all times-mace, pepper spray, straight razor, box cutter, padlock in a tube sock, etc.  You never know where the next George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn may pop up.
  • get a passport
  • learn to grow your own food
  • take up a fighting art
  •  Financially shun black celebrities and athletes who don’t support the masses of black people. Write them off and keep it moving. #fuckacoon.
  • build relationships with like minded black people.
  • meditate to calm yourself and repair psychic and spiritual damage caused by white supremacy.
  • practice monogamy to establish healthy, loving relationships between black men and women. We all we got.

more later….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzyaaMUCpWs






3. http://www.indiadivine.org/news/articles-on-hinduism/15-most-amazing-predictions-for-kali-yuga-from-r711












The Paradise of Sorrows

pussy is the greatest pimp



Money, status, resources, and fame are the  male equivalent of lips, hips, thighs, ass and titties. Their mere presence in the room is enough to arouse hypergamous swelling of lubricious lady pearls and stimulate the pimp instincts of the greatest Mack to ever send a Ho to the track…PU$$Y.



The fact that hypergamy (1) remains an integral part of the mate selection process for many women well into the twenty-first century says a lot about the tumultuous state of gender relations in the wake of feminism’s three waves.

Women place a high value on a man’s economic means and social status no matter how self-reliant and economically independent they may be.  Men are viewed on some level as utilitarian success objects to be exploited on an as needed basis.


Power is the greatest aphrodisiac“-Henry Kissinger


Power and prestige trump physical drawbacks and personality deficits. Obesity, stupidity, ugliness, narcissism and sociopathic tendencies are tolerable in direct proportion to how much money is attached to them.  Who a man is means less than what he can do for a woman.

It is a given that within a Matriarchal culture like Black America  hypergamy  would be overtly championed as the preferred relationship dynamic. This is due in large part to the harsh economic conditions most black people live under.  The value placed on a man’s “ass and titties” (status and resources) is quite high.

Bear in mind that our entire relationship paradigm takes place within within the white supremacist social structure which negatively impacts every aspect of black life, especially gender relations.



“Make that nigga take care of yo’ kids/ make that nigga call yo’ kids his/ make that nigga get out there and work/ make that nigga buy you a Dooney and Burke/ it’s all about that nigga take care of me/ pussy whipped nigga come save me” – E40 , Captain Save-A-Ho

can you pay my bills?/ can you pay my telephone bills?/ do you pay my auto mo bills?/ if you did then maybe we could chill/ I don’t think you do, so you and me are through” – Destiny’s Child, Bills



A mythical gilded path of least resistance leading to a promised land of ease, luxury, and leisure has many a THOT(5) clicking the heels of her indoor swapmeet red bottoms 3 times and wishing for a short cut to a sure shot.


The idea of never having to struggle again in this life is irresistable to a chick who ain’t never had shit , especially one raised to view men as natural resources to be exploited.

At the polar opposite end of the spectrum lie the great majority of men programmed from a young age to believe that the only metrics of manhood are social position, wealth and power.

Without them you are not a man.

You get no female attention , no respect and  no love.

So get out there and do whatever it takes.

Who teaches us that ?

The PU$$Y.




Invariably these misguided souls meet in the mating market place where youth, beauty, and sexual access are exchanged for money, status and control of resources.

Unfortunately, love rarely enters this transaction but children often do, usually as part of some poorly thought out ratchet scheme.



Once these kids have out lived their usefulness you can find them filling the beds of group homes and seats in special ed. classes until they are old enough to press rewind and repeat the cycle.




The comfortable snare of the female predator is laid deep within the male subconscious mind where female acceptance and validation are associated with mother love. Bundle this with an unexamined belief that beauty equals goodness then wrap it all up with a moist pink ribbon of sexual gratification and VOILA!!!

Even the laziest man eater can feast on a steady diet of doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs who place no real value upon themselves beyond what’s assigned to them by the second sex.

The sad thing here is many of these men can be counted among the supremely talented, rich and famous. In black culture such men are usually entertainers and athletes. These are the brothers with plenty of male “ass and titties”.The ones who seemingly go out of their way to get caught up with pole twerking box hustlers whose primary talents are sexual.



Back then hoes didn’t want me/ now I’m hot/ Hoes all on me”– Mike Jones,  Back Then

celebrity culture plunges us into a moral void-no one has any worth beyond his or her appearance, usefulness, or ability to succeed. The highest achievements in celebrity culture are wealth, sexual conquest and fame. It does not matter how these are obtained…once fame and wealth are achieved they become their own justification, their own morality. How one gets them is irrelevant. Once you get there  those questions are no longer valid.”- Chris Hedges, Empire Of Illusion. pgs.32-33




Instead of living for, in and with yourself as a reasonable person ought, you seek only to fasten your feebleness on some other person’s strength“- Charlotte Bronte ,  Jane Eyre ,Ch. 21

Today social media and reality television have spawned a new breed of cunning, avaricious, super ratchet who will stop at nothing and use anyone to achieve the synthetic fame one gets for fucking someone well known.

Meet the Status Hacker.

Say hi to The Basketball Wives, The women of Love and Hip Hop, Super head, Kat Stacks, V. Stiviano , and the mother goddess of all these ho’s, Kim Kardashian.



The PU$$Y starts pimping the moment the tell all book is published, sex tape is leaked or TMZ plays the secret recordings. Next up , the Oprah interview , Playboy spread,  a reality show and ideally marriage to a high dollar baller.




If a ring ain’t in the works , then the “annuity” baby plan is put into effect by the coldest pimp in the game….. The Mother Pimp. 

“as far as female pimps are concerned , the mother pimp is the boss. she has been there and back; she has all the answers because she has been asked all the questions.”- The Pimps Bible, pg.110




The black blogosphere and Twitterverse stays bubbling like a pot of fermenting  Chitlins’ with stories about high profile black entertainers/athletes putting babies in their side pieces/jump offs/ backup ratchets.

Back in the day an “outside woman” making a pregnancy power move took the pay off and stayed low key. Just ask Bill CosbyDr. J, Joe Jackson and a million other old school players who kept their bid’ness out the street, but that was waaaay before the advent of the internet.


The “clean up” women are no longer content to stand in the shadows of stardom and abide by the side piece code of conduct. The media has created a lane for them pursue their own bastardized form of fame which they often decide to augment with the conception of a bastard child or two.

In the new millinium , if you are a famous man of  means and you pump a pearl necklace into a side chick’s safe deposit box, then prepare to break yourself and check in with your new pimp.

 trick ass nigga.

Lets take a brief tour of the side piece/ mother pimp hall of fame:




Evelyn Lozada– This” juice box  vendor”  is a locker room  legend  in  the  NBA, NFL  and MLB. Prior to  her  destruction of  Chad “ochocinco” Johnson’s pro football career by means of dubious abuse claims, “la panocha peligroso” Lozada latched onto former NBA 100 million dollar dunce Antoine Walker’s wallet for a ten year run.

According to Walker his decade long access to her vagina cost him dearly. Now near penniless “…admits he easily spent a couple of million dollars on his ex-fiancé and  even her family benefitted from his generosity , but when he fell on hard times financially he accuses her of bouncing on him and  never looking back…My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight she chose to go in a different direction. It’s tough when you take care of some people and you make sure they are good, their family, their daughter, and they just go left field.” (2)

Recently, she’s clamped her vaginal vortex of ruin onto the bank account of Pro baseball player Carl Crawford . This  Simple Simon  just signed a 149 million dollar pro contract that will pay him  an estimated 20 million dollars a year.

To secure her un-earned portion of this future homeless hall of famer’s millions, the shrewd Ms. Lozada put on her mother pimp hat, stuffed a catchers mitt  up into her cervix and caught every single sperm this short bus slugger grand slammed into her money hole.

At 38 years old She stole home base with a new born multimillion dollar baby.

Maybe Mr. Crawford should have talked to Antoine walker or Chad Johnson before fouling out with this long legged losing streak.



Aja Metoyer – Aja Metoyer is a well known groupie with her pimp hand deep inside Damon Wayans Jr.’s pocket courtesy of the  two daughter’s she squatted out for him.  However, as every good pimp knows you got to have more than one ho in your stable otherwise you ain’t really pimpin’, so Aja got out there on the track and pulled her a NBA thoroughbred , none  other than Dwayne Wade.

Not content with merely swiping some super star semen from a hollow headed dullard with effete fashion tastes,  she left her dirty panties where they could be found by penning a public letter to Mr. Wade’s fiancé Gabrielle Union :

I’d like to thank Dwayne Wade for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer, you know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with two drawers. I think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it…also you are a little too old to be making Valentines Day photo albums, Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least, I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room I fucked him in lol”(3)

….I bet she’s a great mom and a fine role model for her two daughters and new born son with Dwayne wade ( go get your kids NOW Damon and Dwayne).

Oh, and did y’all know she comes from a family of seasoned mother pimps ?

dass riiight!!!

cristen metoyer

her sister Cristen Metoyer has a baby by NBA baller Joe Crawford.




Brynn Cameron- Y’all know wasn’t no way in hell these crafty ass white women were gonna let these non- white chicks do all this mother pimping without getting some of that post partum cash too.

Meet Brynn Cameron, a blonde, blue-eyed mother pimp of the highest order with very discriminating taste in pro nut sauce. She has one son by Heisman trophy winner and NFL washout Matt Lineart , who kicks in a princely sum of 189, 000!! a year in child support.


Clearly not one to be slackin in her mackin’, Pimpin’ Brynn is airtight with her game  and recognizes,  like  Aja “moneybags” Metoyer, that a  real pimp needs more than one ho.  So she Milked a few ounces of Blake Griffin into her penis flytrap and gave birth to a healthy seven pound child support check to go along with Matts dwindling cash. See his career is floundering and she needed some long term security  scrilla cuz ho money ain’t sho money.



Vanessa Lopez- This c-list Va Jay Jay merchant has been slinging her high mileage pastrami tunnel to those with big incomes and small I.Q’s for longer than most NBA players careers.  She is probably best known for her lawsuit against  the seven foot one World Champion super trick Shaquille O’neal. Her lawsuit charged the towering lummox with racketeering , invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Even though this all star dick rider lost her court case she delivered some decisive blows to the dense behemoth’s public persona in her deposition:

When asked if Shaq had any sexual hang ups Vanessa said :

‘he would often put his hands over his private area and say “I know it’s small , don’t laugh”. And he was just a little embarrassed about that…when he would call and want to get together when I had my period  Shaq would say “I don’t care” and when we would see each other he had like a fetish that he’d just like to give me oral sex during my period” (4).

Ah , well I guess Shaq likes red sauce on his  fish tacos….

Ms. Lopez only other note worthy accomplishment is signing a  $25,000 abortion contract with NBA player J.J. Reddick. Now that’s some cold mother pimping right there, getting money for your dead baby.



Pimpin’ ain’t easy.




Now lets take a look at the stuffed and mounted heads housed in the Trick Ass Nigga Museum of Natural Stupidity


Dwight Howard Rockets Troll

Dwight Howard-  8 kids in six years , 6 mother pimps . This is the perfect physical specimen of a big , dumb ass muh fucka. He is a mother pimps wet dream and most certainly a  future candidate for the Antoine Walker Nigga Who Used To Be Rich award.


Shawn Kemp- 11 kids, 9 mother pimps. In the words of the patron saint of all dope fiends, his ‘highness’  Rick James , cocaine is a “helluva drug”.


Scott Skiles- 8 kidsseven mother pimps. Ol’ Scotty here is upholding the fine NBA tradition of marginal former white players winding up as head coaches. The talented Mr. Skiles was competitive with the brothers on and off the court busting out 8 kids with seven different women who were not his wife.


Calvin Murphy- 14 kids , 9 mother pimps .     Let me start by saying  what…a…fucking…bastard.  Where do I begin with this nigga ? ( besides that African Mack Daddy Easter suit).

Here are the highlights;

  • Had a secret family containing 5 of his 14 daughters which he kept hidden for 20 years.
  • Pressured the children who didn’t belong to him and his wife to not call him dad so he could preserve his public image as a family man.
  •  4 of the 5 Daughters in his secret family  accused him of molesting them. He was aquitted of all charges.
  • Claimed his secret baby mama’s retirement benefits after she had passed away.

In fairness to this pint sized piece of rotting foreskin , the molestation charges were brought after he refused to turn over his baby mama’s retirement checks to their five daughters….but still, this nigga is waaaaay out of pocket.



Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield –  11 kids9 mother pimps.  The Five time World Heavy Weight Champion got knocked the fuck out by the little contender below his belt after going raw  for 9 bouts resulting 11 TKO’S.

$500,000.00 in back child support and 250 million  down the drain had Evander still boxing at 50.

Hopefully he is punch drunk enough to forget how fucked his life turned out.




If your head is hurting by now its because the plug that connects you to the Hypergamy matrix has Been yanked.  Most of you cats will realize this , panic and rush to reconnect with your last pimp.  I’m not mad at y’all because you don’t know any better.

Men that  have been raised by mothers who manipulated them by extending acceptance and love on a conditional basis are susceptible to being played by women with ulterior motives.

Your minds have been shaped from birth to crave female approval and reassurance which subconsciously  gives you a sense of belonging , of being accepted,  of being loved , of feeling secure within yourself.

The deep irony of this is that it locates a man’s sense of who he is outside of himself and places it within the snug, moist confines of the greatest pimp of all time.


The  male sex drive is not only biological force, It is also an intense desire to connect emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. As men often we don’t realize this because the physical hunger overshadows everything else.


Gentlemen, you’re looking in the wrong place for the right things.


A con man’s greatest weapon is the mark’s own greed and this same principle enables the PU$$Y to have a man  blissfully hustling backwards into her Gucci bag.


A real woman ain’t your mother and she doesn’t owe you unconditional love, so don’t expect it. By the same token , you ain’t her daddy so don’t feel obligated to meet her every need.

Real ride or die love has nothing to do with one person exploiting another. It’s about two people valuing each other for who they are and not for what they look like  or what they can do for you monetarily. Beauty fades , money comes and goes, so choose wisely.

common sense.

What It comes down to  is simply treating another person how you want to be treated and accepting nothing less in return . If you can’t do that , then you need to go sit your ass down somewhere until you grow the hell up.

You can never get conned by saying no and you can’t be pimped unless you’re  willing to ho.











5.  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Thot