trayvon_martin1SKIN HEAD

” I know I’m prejudiced, I know I’m bigoted… If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. and if on that side of the  street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face-a white guy, bald  head, tattoos everywhere-I’m walking back to the other side of the  street …I think we’re all bigots”(1)  – Mark Chabanisky ( Cuban) ,May 22, 2014


The minds of Jewish white supremacists such as Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) are fascinating. In their eyes  the two pictures above  are equally menacing. One a go hard, straight up skinhead and the other a black boy barely out of childhood , yet both are threatening  to a  billionaire Jewish white supremacist like Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) or Donald Tokowitz  (Sterling).

I wonder why he finds a black child in a hoodie threatening? Is it because he isn’t 6 “8 with a killer jump shot?  or is it the hoodie? or could it be the skin color of the boy wearing it?

Hmmmm… I think  black and white people both know the answer to that one. The difference is black people will say it out loud and white people will deny  that its the color of the skin.

….well those hoodies are scary you know.




boyzndahood                                                                            lynching…yes those hoodies are very scary indeed.


But the invisible ones that Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) and Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) wear are even more frightening because of what they hide. Real. live. Dangerous. White supremacy.

The kind that smiles and hides behind a check to the NAACP  while denying housing and jobs to black people for over 35 years (sterling) or patting a brother on the back while low key co-signing fellow racists under the guise of protecting freedom of speech or being “honest” about his own bigotry.


and just so we care clear about who and what we are talking about let us review the definition of bigotry:

“the stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed , belief, or opinion that differs from ones own.”

Lets cut the bullshit. Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) is every  bit as racist/ White supremacist as his boy Donald Tokowitz (Sterling).  When he conflates his Alleged fear of black boys in hoodies after dark with an equal terror of white dudes with facial tattoos you know damn well that there is something more than just run of the mill bigotry at work.

Trust family , he ain’t talking about being intolerant of a black boy’s creed, belief or opinion late at night.  We know it, he knows it, and so do the millions of white people he dog whistled that racist message to.

let me say this again;

racism/white supremacy is prejudice with a system in place to enforce it.

What makes Jewish White Supremacists like Chabanisky (Cuban) and Tokowitz (Sterling) so dangerous is their ability to hide in plain site. Grinning in black peoples faces while effortlessly blending in among their fellow whites without drawing  attention to themselves as the lower caste Caucasians they are classified as on the hierarchy of whiteness..


white…its all good under their hood though.  A few tweaks  here and there and every things kosher.







“if you want to know who rules you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire



So here we are a little over a month since the Donald Sterling Fiasco blew and all black folks have gotten is a bunch of fake talking head  white folks  outrage, mealy mouthed million dollar nigga banjo plucking, and salacious tidbits about an Octogenerian’s Viagra fueled sexcapades with a tranny-licious Blaxican  Rupaul’s Drag Race reject.


Fuck that.

My question is  this: When are Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) and the NBA’S 15 other Jewish owners going to….wait….y’all didn’t now that huh?  y’all think I”m lying huh?

Hold  up, before we go any further, lets review one of the many telling statements made by Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) in order to establish some context:

“who makes the game? do I make the game or do they (players) make the game? there are 30 owners. we create the game” (3)


Now check  this out:


1.  Chicago Bulls-owned by Jerry Reinsdorf   (Jewish)

2. Portland Trail Blazers- owned by Paul Allen (Jewish)

3.MIlwaukee Bucks -owned by Herb Kohl (Jewish)

4.Indiana Pacers- owned by Herb Simon (Jewish)

5.Seattle Super Sonics – owned by Howard Schultz (Jewish)

6. Golden State Warriors – owned by Joe Lacob (Jewish)

7.Miami Heat – owned by Mickey Arison (Jewish)

8. Los Angeles Lakers – Buss family (Jewish)

9,Brookly Nets – Mikhail Prokhorov (Jewish)

10.Philadelphia 76’ers –  Ed Snider (Jewish)

11.Memphis Grizzlies – MIke Halsey (Jewish)

12. Minnesota Timber Wolves- Glen Taylor (Jewish)

13. Los Angeles Clippers – Donald Tokowitz (Sterling)  (Jewish)

14. Houston Rockets- Leslie Alexander  (Jewish)

15.Cleveland Cavaliers – Dan Gilbert (Jewish)

Adam Silver (Jewish) – NBA Commissioner whose father is friends with former NBA commissioner David Stern (Jewish). (2)

I can already hear some of you saying ” wait a minute Kody , just because 16 of the Leagues 30 teams are owned by Jewish people and the current NBA Commissioner is also Jewish doesn’t mean they won’t vote to oust the Jewish racist Donald Tokowitz (Sterling)”


” yeah,and besides Michael Jordan owns a team too, so there”





uncle-sambo ….Uncle Sambo !!! , I knew it had to be your simple Simon sell out  ass.

And for your information Uncle Sambo ,  the team Jordan owns, the Charlotte Bobcats ,Is the poorest in the league. how’s that for irony?

but I digress……..

Lets reflect back on another of ol’ Massa Donald’s statements…it may prove to be prophetic:

“….Jews when they get successful, they will help their people” (1)



einstein anti semtic quote

Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) isn’t going to vote  his fellow Jewish billionaire team owner out of the league and neither are any of the other Jewish team owners. And since you need a majority vote and they own the majority of the teams guess what niggas?

Look at it this way family. When majority white Juries are charged with finding other whites guilty of practicing racism what is the outcome in the over whelming Majority of the cases?

Hint: Emmitt Till , Rodney King, Trayvon Martin , Jordan Davis and thousands more over hundreds of years.

the deck is stacked, the fix is in , and the game is rigged.

Sterling will keep the Clippers….Mark Cuban dog whistled that today.

but just remember family…..this shit ain’t over until our ancestors have their say.

and they haven’t spoken yet.









Donald Sterling Places a Nigga Wake Up Call

tumblr_static_ydnwuc_newspaper_heading_tumblr_4Donald T. Sterling, La La Vasquez


“He who has ears, let him hear” -Mathew13:9


I had to hold off on writing this post until the smoke cleared and the blood dried.  A wise black man remains silent in times of danger and April is a dangerous month for non-whites. For those of you who don’t know, the fourth month of the year is a sacred one for White Terrorists.  April 20th is the born day of Adolf Hitler, their god incarnate and every year they throw him a month long bloody birthday party with all the fixins’ : Mass murder, mayhem, destruction, physical, spiritual and psychological attacks on non- whites, and the deaths of as many innocent people as possible.


Think I’m bullshitting? check their resume: Kansas city Jewish center shootings (4/15/14),  Boston marathon bombing (4/15/13), columbine Massacre (4/20/99),  Oklahoma city bombing (4/17/95),  Waco slaughter ( 4/19/93), Rodney King verdict/riot (4/29/92), murder of Black Panther National Treasurer Bobby Hutton (4/6/68), assassination of Martin Luther King (4/4/68).  No doubt they get devilish in April and 2014 was no exception.

0102-donald-sterling3-2 2014-04-24-ABC-WN-BundyFRAZIER GLENN CROOSS

White supremacy makes for strange bedfellows . Donald Tokowitz(Sterling), Cliven Bundy(6),  and Frazier Glen Miller(4).  A Jewish Billionaire ,  a red neck cowboy , and a murderous homosexual Nazi snitch each took turns giving Big Poppa Hitler birthday lap dances all through the month of April and made their asses clap like a white supremacist twerk team with Tourette syndrome.


Of the three aforementioned White supremacists it is Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) who  stole the show with a sickening 35 year record of economic and psychological assaults upon black people. It’s a sinister twist of irony that he be the one to honor Hitler’s birthday with the biggest present of all , the public humiliation and psychological castration of every black man in the NBA.

However, all was not lost. there is some higher shit at work here. Our ancestors nailed three fools to an astrological grand cross by the light of the blood moon. And in so doing not only revealed a hidden face of white supremacy, but also showed us a sobering reflection of ourselves as well.


Field Niggas lace your boots up tight and sharpen your machetes. It’s Nat Turner time on the plantation.



Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) is white America’s lecherous, drunken, rich uncle.  The one who shows up to family gatherings high as a Georgia pine. He knows all the family secrets and don’t give a husky fuck about telling them in front of company.

He keeps popping up in our living rooms with his fly open, pissy drunk off of white privilege , money and power.  All up  in our face, his hot ass breath smelling like denture adhesive and stale p#$$y. Their uncle Donald is only too eager to include us in the conversation about race that white  people usually  have when we ain’t around.  Why not? we’re just niggers and besides he gives lots of money to the NAACP.

As I watched the interviews and listened to the tapes of the malevolent un-mensch Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) castigate his self hating negro bed wench for taking pictures with Magic Johnson and various other non-infectious d-list BBC’s the thing that stood  out to me wasn’t his standard issue white hatred of black men , rather it was his unnerving sense of  superiority that punctuated his every sentence as he hissed them like a wise old serpent.

Where does this shit come from?  Is it a defense against feelings  of racial inferiority?  is it compensation for some type of sexual short coming?  what is the root cause of this unrelenting animus in supercilious armor?

And then my third eye spied the subtle intimations that laid bare the origins of his malice:

D. Sterling : it’s the world! You go to Israel. the blacks are treated just like dogs.

V. Stiviano : so do you treat them that way too?

D. Sterling : The white Jews , there’s white Jews and there’s black Jews. do you understand?

V. Stiviano :  and are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

D. Sterling : 100%, 50 , 100%!

V. Stiviano : and is that right?

D. Sterling : we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong. we live in a society. we live in a culture. we have to live within that culture.

What culture  is he  referring to ? What society? Of course he could be referring  to American  society,  but since  he used  Israel as an example  I assume  he is  talking about  Jewish culture . However , Jewish  culture isn’t  monolithic in  that it  contains  many   varied movements and sects each with its own practices / mores as they relate to the faith and the cultures/societies which surround it.

 That being said,  Mr. Sterling’s views echo those of a high profile and very influential sect of Judaism known as the Chabad Lubavitcher (Hasidics).  And trust they gives no fucks about no goyim ( non-jews) , especially no Schvartze Goyim (black non-jews).



Time to run a back ground check y’all.


The Chabad sect of Judaism was founded in1796 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman and  has its  own holy book entitled The Tanya which was written by Rabbi Zalman as well.  The Chabad Jews study the Tanya unlike other sects of Judaism which study the Torah(1).


The Tanya is the bible of Chabad Chassidim upon which hundreds of books and thousands of discourses by seven generations of Chabad Rebbes are based (1).

Many Liberal and Conservadox  Jews distance themselves from Chabad but they have been strongly influenced by Chasidic  teachings(2).

So what does the Tanya have to say about people like you and me?

“…..the souls of the nations of the world ( all non-jews) however emanate from the, unclean “kelipot”(evil forces)which contain no good what so ever” (pg.5) (1).


File that away for now.



The warm and friendly looking gentleman pictured above is Rabbi Schneerson  and he is considered the Chabad Messiah or Mosiach. Although he died in 1994 he is still considered their leader and his teachings are looked upon as part of the official Chabad ideology. Check him out looking all messianic n’ stuff.


So what profound spiritual knowledge does this messiah proffer to humanity?  Let us contemplate two jewels of Schneerson’s timeless wisdom:


” the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all nations of the world…the difference is so great that the bodies would be considered completely different species…an even greater difference exists in regard to the soul…a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness” (1).

And just so  we are clear when he refers to Jews he means Ashkenazi  Jews ( France , Germany,  Eastern Europe-white folks).  Sephardic Jews (Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Middle East-sand niggers) get slightly more love than non-jews , whom you might have guessed get Bupkis Bubala!!! ( Nothing baby).

hold on to your rising sense of enlightenment y’all there’s more:

” A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose: he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created only to serve the Jews” (1)

Apparently the divine emanations served the messiah quite well. “according to  the times Schneerson presided over a religious empire that reached from the back streets of Brooklyn to the main streets of Israel and by1990 was taking in more than 100 million dollars a year” (3).


Game recognize game

100 million a year?! pouring in from a reported 200,000 followers world wide? sounds to me like a lot of Mainstream Jews are giving these cats  money too , and if they are kicking in like that then its a safe bet that they share some of their views on non-Jews as well.

do I think they are racists? hell motherfucking yeah I do.


Uh oh, look who they sent  to prove me wrong.


black hasidics

Shyne-jewish                              “whatever white folks do, a nigga will try”


for real my niggas?….. damn.


Now that we have a  social / cultural context to help us understand Uncle Donald’s world view and his actions towards black people , lets take a moment to review his history:

  • “I wanna know why you think you can coach these niggers”(said to potential coach Rollie Massimino, 1983) (5)
  • “That’s because of all the blacks in this building, they smell, they are not clean”( said to property supervisor, 2002, sworn testimony) (5)
  • “is she one of the black people that stink? just evict the bitch”(5)
  • “and it’s because of all the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day”(5)
  • “I don’t like Mexican men because they smoke , drink, and hang around the house all day.”(5)
  • “Don’t bring black people to my games” (said to V. Stiviano,2014) (5)
  • “why are you taking pictures with minorities” (said to V.Stiviano,2014) (5)
  • Rejected black coach Jim Brewer in the 90’s telling former general manager Elgin Baylor ” personally , I would like to have a white southern coaching poor black players” (5)



Black folks do me a favor and utter the following Yiddish curse aloud with righteous conviction while concentrating on Donald Sterling’s racist ass:



That should make you feel at least a little better. Ain’t nothing like cursing a bastard in his own language.

but I digress…





Any doubts about who the white supremacists are?  Here’s a hint…they’re white!!! I don’t give a hot damn if they are Gentile, Jew, Christian ,Muslim, Buddhist , Sikh, Scientologist , Satanist or Atheist.  It’s 2014 and hence forth all white people will be regarded as racist suspects until proven otherwise. We don’t have no more time to be sifting though Caucasians.


“Kody, you are the one being racist now” ….What?!….who said that?



COON STEVEN…….mmm hmm I should have known it was you.


I beg to differ.

In order to be a racist one needs power. I can be biased. I can be prejudiced. However, I don’t have the systemic muscle to be racist.

so fuck you.

For purposes of crystal clarity please use the following  definition of racism/white supremacy :

“A  global system of people who classify themselves as white and who are dedicated to mistreating/subjugating/exploiting everyone in the known universe whom they classify as non-white in 9 areas of human activity: economics , education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war for their own (white people’s)benefit”. -Neely Fuller

or for those of you with ADHD:

racism is prejudice with a system in place to enforce it.


uncle ruckus

Now that we got that cleared up its time to do some reflecting.


Family.  There is a hurt, angry, broken heart behind every word I write.  Over 100 years of struggle for symbolic equality in the arena of sport.  Racial theater acted out in boxing rings , on tracks , baseball diamonds, football fields, tennis courts, golf courses, and basketball courts. Records broken ,records  set,  gold medals , billions in profit generated , some of it even passed through black hands. Yet still considered 3/5 of a man? GOD DAMN.

From Jack Johnson to Jesse Owens to Muhammad Ali we could always point with pride to you, our mighty exemplars of infinite potential actualized as proof of the best in us. But something happened on the long road to wealth, fame and glory. Now you seem afraid to “STAND YOUR GROUND” when a white man blatantly disrespects you and by extension, all of us.

When did this happen?  How did this happen? was it the money?

yes it was.

The people who profit from your talent, dedication and hard work-extended family members, friends, gold diggers, team owners, agents, sponsors, et al. neglected to teach you two very important lessons.

1).  Money can’t buy respect, especially from those who have more of it than you. From them respect must be taken.

2).  “power cedes nothing without demand. It never has and never will ” – Frederick Douglas

You were born too late to bear witness to what real champion Black Athletes look like when they speak truth to power. So take a moment to behold courage.


ali protest                                                                            black-athletes

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not hating on y’all.

I know who taught you that apathy pays. You are the spawn of a mute , apolitical , human corporate logo.

black jordan logoHis Royal Airness , who when asked why he wouldn’t support a black candidate running against the racist Republican North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms he dutifully replied “republicans buy sneakers too”.


Despite the cognitive dissonance triggered by viewing millionaires as victims of white supremacy , that is exactly what you are. It became obvious to the world when you needed to ask for permission before responding to being disrespected.



No love lost brothers. We are products of a Matriarchal Black culture that denigrates the importance of fathers and promotes athletic achievement as the equivalent intellectual accomplishment and uses dollars/status as the metrics of manhood.

We send our sons into sports feeder systems where the gatekeepers are white men who hold the keys to realizing their dreams. Thus they get accustomed to  being submissive to white male authority and become easy prey for the Donald Sterlings and Jerry Sanduskys that lurk in the shadows of the sports world.


riley-and-santa-pay-what-you-oweThe white supremacists had a ball in April, but this shit ain’t over by no stretch son.  Everyday this  universe is flushing the wicked from their lairs out into the open for the world to see. And they better pray that they don’t run into the wrong nigga.

Yours truly,




And now a word from the oracle……



I  predict….

….V. Stiviano will write a tell all book like her potna Superhead, mutilate her face with more plastic  surgery, get a Hydrogel ass implant, make a porn tape, star in a reality show, marry a dumb rich athlete, have a special needs baby, move  next door to the Octomom and never be heard from again.

….The Clippers will not be taken from the Tokowitz (Sterling) family. that moment has passed.

….There will be no  protest against the NBA owners lack of real action to remove Donald Sterling. The issue will vanish into litigation  and the black players will do nothing.

….The Kabbalistic Warlocks will use their magic flat screen mind control machine to beguile the masses of sheeple into blind acceptance.