Either Cosmology is a Must, Or Some Cosmologists Are Musty… Or Both!

We are now well underway in the year 2013, and I am unflinchingly, unequivocally stating that cosmology is a must! Now, many of you, due to your cosmopolitan culture conditioned listening, aren’t going to grasp but a faint hint of where I’m going with this kind of statement. But if I say, “Some cosmologists are musty,” you connect the dots right away. So…I’ll include that approach as well.


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In fact, there are all manner of musty cosmologists about, who may find themselves so categorized due to various reasons, including but not limited to, they don’t give a damn. One might speculate their minds are elsewhere, pondering and studying complex thought systems that have arisen in various human cultures throughout time. So they don’t really distinguish the peculiar, pungent, human wafting we refer to as “must.” Whatever the case is, I don’t really have a position on the degree of must or non-must of any given cosmologist at any particular point in time. I’m hardly a “must basher.” Especially when it comes to individuals with what I consider to be such a substantive life focus.

I will say that if you were to run up on a musty cosmological enthusiast and it turns out to be that damn bad, that it actually causes you to gag that much, I would still recommend to you to put a clip on your nose, attempt to center yourself, and learn something. Because this is an extremely important discussion! It’s not a matter of whether I can convince you of this. The fact is, the less thought you put into exploring and grasping the nature of your very existence, the less the implications of not grasping much mean a damn thing. Oblivion and ignorance can get real cushiony, though simultaneously very limiting.

It downright takes a lot of attention (and a certain quality of attention at that), to discover and examine the nature of the fundamental thought model you operate from. In “A Guide For the Perplexed,” E.F. Schumacher puts it like this: “There is nothing more difficult than to become critically aware of the presuppositions of one’s own thought. Everything can be seen directly except the eye through which we see. Every thought can be scrutinized directly except the thought by which we scrutinize. A special effort, an effort of self-awareness is needed: that almost impossible feat of thought recoiling upon itself- almost impossible but not quite.” But not quite…

Cosmology is at the core of who you are. It’s the very worldview you operate from. You won’t even mention the word in an everyday conversation, yet the process lives fundamentally in the conversation anyway. Even more importantly, it determines your most basic strategy of interaction with the world and sense of being within it. The fact that it’s ended up missing as a common area of discussion means we’re not only oblivious, but hoblivious to the nature of our own hoblivion. So much has already changed and continues to rapidly change further about our fundamental understanding of ourselves and our world in today’s science. Yet common citizens, by and large, don’t have a clue about many of these changes. The fashionable topic of the month will never help you connect with it, unless someone or some popular show decides to make it a discussion point. But pop culture’s role is not really in the vain of deepening any grasp on human existence. It’s more about keeping you saturated, affixed and amused with superficiality and social drama. So the Afro Alchemist has to bring it on.

The dramatically radical discoveries of this era in realm of science (particularly in physics and neuroscience, i.e. Heisenberg’s principle, String Theory models, right-left hemisphere architecture, etc) about, and relating to, the fundamental nature of the world, corroborate ideas that were previously held for hundreds of years by westerners to be metaphysical fantasy, esoteric mish mash, and/or indigenous legend. But for the average person today the mandate of the outdated, scientific materialistic worldview still presses on. It’s quite a paradoxical situation. If most of us truly grasp the implications of what is now known today in physics, we would be looking at our “external” and “material” world much differently. We would be looking at the external world around us more from a holographic perspective than a model of abstract, quantitative linear fundamentalism. We would think, “Wait a minute. Something wild is goin on!” Because it’s known that the descriptive model of the world being made up of abstract, separate, externalized “part-icles” called atoms, or quarks, or whatever linguistic “box” that can be attached, is moreso an intellectual ritual science is involved in, along with the average human’s unconscious acceptance. It is known that those “particles” are actually glimpses of underlying wave patterns that are intricately and paradoxically woven into the totality of everything else. This occurs across dimensional lines, or which is referred to as non-locally. Now again, if we could significantly grasp the implications of this, we would be in a much greater state of wonder each passing day, pondering the spectacle and arabesque of dimensional intricacy that the Cosmos is, with great a intensity and fascination.

But we don’t know. Because it’s not profitable to have consumers be too vast in their grasp or exploration. Am I ringin’ the conspiracy triangle again: No! You slumber on your own. It’s not necessary to induce that with a lot of scheming folks. Let’s just be real. This is just to say that institutionally no one (or hardly anyone) is going to run around harping about cosmological breakthrough discoveries with a bunch of pop culture, prime time television attention ensnared, cosmopolitanites. It would be considered a WASTE OF TIME!

Yet the further we move into the future, with the vast changes that will take place, how we operate as a global high tech, neo-human culture will require a much different worldview. And being a walking “fossil” in the conversation is going to have to change. How can you interact with all of these high tech computer programs and watch all of these high tech films, with all the in depth, interdimensional concepts, and then when asked to review the very fundamental suppositions that make up your own day to day, dated worldviewing model, you shrug away? Here’s why – You may not admit it, but the truth is, that when it comes to your listening of your world, you’re waaay too jaded to hear about any possibly new mode of worldviewing. And then you continuously live and create life from a worldviewing system and idea of the Cosmos that you fundamentally have not, and refuse to examine in light of new information. As technology continues to evolve in chunks, your reality is becoming more and more virtual, digital and holographic. Until one day you will find yourself quite challenged with the growing notion that you are existing within some kind of strange holographic game.

So let’s go back over the most basic: Your cosmology is, once again, your idea, or model of the world. Depending on what perspective you are coming from (i.e. religious, cultural, scientific, etc), you will have a different storied account, or model. So we can refer to cosmologies as generally mytho-cosmologies. They are story/narrative based accounts which constitute varying models of the world. Even Science, particularly involving physics (which postures itself as the absolute determiner and voice of ultimate truth, or reality) provides models in the form of storied accounts. For instance, the “Big Bang Theory” is just that; a theory! It is a story about the origin of the Cosmos. No matter how exacting and authoritative scientists (physicists, astronomers, geologists, etc) may posture themselves, none of them were there or have the video of the actual event taking place. So though the theory has been well researched, articulated and explored, and has also proven useful, it is still categorically scientific myth.

I want to be clear so that you understand that this does not mean that it isn’t accurate, just because it is categorically a story. But who would be in the position to prove or disprove it without being there? Science, itself, would be acting in contraction to its own method to assert this to be beyond theory without proof. But that doesn’t mean some scientists won’t put on their lab coat with the PhD tattooed on their expression and posture in such a way to have you believe that they have an absolute grasp of things. That’s unfortunately just the institutionally conditioned, immature, pseudo-intellectual, subtle protocol many of them pick up from being in the ranks in the institutional status game of who’s who. It also comes from their unexamined shadowy need to have you respect the discipline of science overall as the ultimate religion.

Any true practitioner in their field, and lover of the art and quest of exploration and discovery will be markedly humbled and even more excited; somewhat like a child who knows that while much information has been gathered, that there is sooo much more to learn. He or she would easily point out where the body of modern science has much to learn before it can conclusively and thoroughly speak about what exactly, or absolutely is what in many areas.

As far as all non-western models, such as those from eastern traditions, or ancient indigenous groups, you have to investigate with a carefulness. You can’t go attempt to understand their model from the evaluative lens of our western culture. Look at how much stupidity was put out there from the misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar and all the silly conversation about the world ending in 2012. I’m sure the closest Mayan descendants living today were saying, “Look at these confused ass idiots! We never told them the world was going to end. We just said a certain cosmological period would end and another would begin and humans on the planet would deal with new themes of growth, modeling, advance, interconnection, decoding and awakening. But they weren’t prepared at a certain level to deal with that kind of information.”

If you would just light an incense (if necessary) and hear one of these musty ass cosmologists out next time, you will come to understand this. Or you can click on the Afro-Alchemist website and jump in the conversation. Peace