“It go Halle Berry or hallelujah/pick your poison tell me what you doing/everybody gon’ respect the shooter/ but the one in front of the gun lives forever”- Kendrick Lamar

Nearly two times a week in the United States a white police officer killed a black person during a seven year period ending in 2012 according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported by the F.B.I” (1)

“He who feels it, knows it”- Bob Marley



It was a week ago today that we sent young Mike Brown home to the ancestors.  All the news crews have packed up and ran  off to their next propaganda mission. The plate passing grief grifters have folded their sideshow tents and wait with avaricious anticipation for the next MikeBrownEzellFordEricGarnerJordanDavisTrayvonMartin  funeral procession to pass by.







The fog of tear gas has long since lifted and the smoke has cleared , but you can best believe the fires ain’t gone out.

Your celestial kinfolk are not bullshitting ,we are in a spiritual quickening.

August is the hottest month of the year , a time when the sun intensifies and as ” black folk we come to our senses.”

tap into your melanin and remember:

  • Freed Black slaves Helped the British burn the white house down on August 23, 1814.(2)
  • Watts riot August 11 to August 17th , 1965.  A riot that started because of white cops beating a black man during a traffic stop.

And to add a lil more ancestral heat to the summer sunrays Marcus Garvey’s birthday is on August 17th.

“Kody you need to stop with all this spooky ancestor bullshit”


Think so my nigga?  check this out:



Our Egyptian (Kemetian) ancestors have stepped thru the portal that opened up in 2012.

Pay attention.

The ka is usually translated as ‘double’, it represents a person’s double. It is what we would call a spirit or a soul. The ka was created at the same time as the physical body. It was believed that the ram-headed god Khnum crafted the ka on his potter’s wheel at the time of a persons birth. A persons ka would live on after their body had died. (3)

KA 2


and now :



Image: Demonstrators confront police with their arms raised during on-going demonstrations to protest against the shooting of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri

Fear not beloved , the ancient old ones have returned  and tanks, tear gas, and machine guns won’t protect the wicked from paying what they owe.

Keep a close eye on all the natural disasters that occur in America from this point forward and note who is effected by them the most.

Guess what family? it won’t be us.

Just watch and see.

Sleep if you want to , shit been got real.



The wanton acts of lawless savagery exhibited by the New York City  and Ferguson Police departments as well as the California Highway patrol this summer served as a psychological purgative for people of color around the world.  American White Supremacy got exposed in a way it hasn’t been since the 1992 Rodney King Beating.

marlene pinnock





 In the subsequent 24 years the White Supremacists have worked hard to lull non-white people into believing that we humans who shared the earth with them  now lived in a “post-racial” world where the color code they created and enforced with brutal efficiency for hundreds of years supposedly no longer applied and non-white people were  now being judged on their merits alone. This fiction was embodied by the Animatronic Negroid cyborg that resides in the Aptly named White House.

white Obama


Dots have been connected. The globally oppressed recognize our common oppressor. His shit smells the same where ever he squats.


There he go right there , walking down front street.

And all his ice bucket shenanigans ain’t going to divert our attention away from him.


Check what a Palestinian cat had to say about our common struggle  :

The last dispiriting likeness is the betrayal of that hope–that leader who works for the very structure oppressing the people he seems to most represent, who is revealed to be only the latest trick for a white supremacist system of violence and dispossession that can superficially change, but will not budge. The leader that arms the enemy, kills for them, lies for them, and prevents racial and economic justice for his own ostensible people. For the people of Palestine, it is Abbas. For the people of Ferguson, Sanford, Oakland and other cities, this is Obama–whose bloodless and offensive commentary on the murder of Mike Brown shocked a nation of angry people perhaps as much as the FPD response did. They couldn’t seem any more different superficially, of course, but more and more, we see they have the same white supremacist, capitalist boss.(4)


Once the people of Gaza  saw what was going on in Ferguson peep the kind of info. they sent them via social media:





I can hear some of ya’ll  saying  “fuck them Arabs they enslaved us too and are still enslaving black Africans in Sudan”.

My response to that is be more precise in your critical thinking. The people of Palestine aren’t running slaves and to my knowledge never have.  If we have any hope of getting the boot of  this  murderous war beast off of our necks we’ve got to think globally and learn from the experiences of those who face the same type of oppression we do.

Besides did you know some Arabs love the hell out of Tupac Shakur?



Among certain Black people who are spiritually aware , culturally conscious and actively trying to fight white supremacy in some way, shape or form  there is a belief that we should not criticize other black people.

Their logic goes something like this:   Since we all are being victimized by the system of white supremacy they should not be held accountable for any of their actions that may be counterproductive to advancing the cause of replacing racism with justice. All our criticisms and efforts should be reserved for white people.

I disagree.

The sellouts, coons, traitors, and self hating black people who actions serve to undermine the efforts of those of us who are putting in work do far more damage to us than the white man. They are undercover agents of white supremacy.


By remaining silent in the face of their betrayal we tacitly co-sign their bullshit and send a message to our kids that it’s ok to act in their own self interest at the expense of us as a collective.


Beware the Smiling Serpents and Black Devils.


There seems to be a high concentration of Sambo sellouts in the entertainment industry. This should come as no surprise because historically many black entertainers willingly portrayed vile stereotypical  characters on stage and in film with little regard for how this would negatively impact how American Black people saw themselves and how other people would see us through out the world.


For a brief moment in time we had powerful black  men and women entertainers such as Paul Robeson , Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee , Harry Belafonte , Canada Lee, Rosetta Lenoire and Frederick O’neal  who showed and proved that you  didn’t have to demean yourself on film and television to be an artist. They stood strong and paid the price, but held their heads as proud black men and women.

The modern entertainment/sports industrial complex  has become more sophisticated and subtle in its use of black faces to debase and vilify us in the media. They do this by rewarding those who remain silent on issues of race or limit their critiques to other black people while silently punishing those who have the courage to speak out.

This is where we get the Don Lemons , Larry Elders, Morgan Freemans,  Russell Simmons types from.


fighting for whitey

Rather than openly call out the obvious white racial hatred and bias that exists both within the media and out side of it, they remain quiet as church mice or throw shade at other black people by saying dumb shit like “what about black on black crime?” or “why don’t we teach our kids to pull their pants up?” or “it’s black culture that is the problem, not racism/white supremacy .”

What the fuck does that have to do with Police Killing innocent , unarmed black men?



Nothing at all. which is why they are allowed to get on television and say it.


Don’t be taken in by these Uncle Toms and their house nigga hustle.


The aftermath of the Michael Brown Killing and community uprising flushed self hating entertainers out into the open. It was sad, but yet so very informative to see them buck dance for a pat on the head  and a chicken wing from white people.

If you see one of these banjo plucking darkies  in public and making us look bad , feel free to chin check they monkey asses.


Al Sharpton


Uncle Al  a.k.a  “the incredible shrinking big shot”got up at Mike Brown’s funeral and preached down to black America telling the crowd that the “black community mistakenly thinks it’s about how low you can go” and that among black people “it ain’t black no more to be successful” and that black people have a thing for “ghetto pity parties”(5)

So the people of Ferguson raising up and fearlessly demanding justice was just a mere “ghetto pity party”?  but what else would you expect from a confirmed former F.B.I  snitch whose code name was “CI-7” (6)


Russell Simmons-


Ol’ Uncle Russie  took time out of his busy meditation / prepaid debit card hustling schedule to weigh in on the problem of white cops murdering unarmed black men .   “Police in general get a bad rep and the vast majority are good , loyal souls. but their training and the institutional mentality they come from often leads to a warped perspective of how they function within communities they do not live in. If we are to truly to create a solution to this long ignored problem we must demand that every police dept. in America mandate sensitivity training for their officers.” (7)

Gee  Russy, you think the jews whose asses you readily tongue would have recommended that the Nazi’s get sensitivity training?

Probably not.

Oh , wait maybe i’m too sensitive, let me lighten up by watching your hilarious Harriet Tubman sex tape.




This cat has done some positive things in his community  according to fellow ATL rapper killer Mike . He supposedly has started a construction company that provides jobs and rehabs dilapidated houses. So props for that.

However, he also knows who kept him out of jail and keeps him in line with a paper tail.  So its no wonder he would say something like this regarding the Ferguson uprising . ” we needed to play chess instead of checkers. We should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first…we shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.”

waited to see if justice was served first? Hmmm…lets see there has never in the history of the United states been a case where a white cop was convicted for murdering a black man.

But hey I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Oh, if ya’ll see T.I  ask him what his white minstrel rapper/ Honorary nigga Iggy Azalia has to say about the Mike Brown situation.

Funny how the supposedly “cool” white people with nigger passes like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke ,  etc. have little to say about what happens to us  when it doesn’t involve sports, dancing, rapping , singing or hacking into black culture for street credibility.


Michael B. Jordan-


This is the brother who played Oscar Grant in the film Fruitvale Station. So you would think he would feel some type of way about the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and weigh in with something profound. Here what the brother had to say. “It’s a touchy subject especially as an actor, as a celebrity , it’s really rough on these subjects because you know how we feel as black men…and sometimes you can’t always go out forward with that information”

can you see how he self censored and avoided giving an honest answer?

He knows that if he told the truth his career would dry up. I got news for him , they ain’t gonna give him shit anyway.  This is typical of What we call “industry niggas”.

Always dipping , ducking and dodging anything that would label them as “difficult” or “angry”.  Forever smiling and low key cooning for the next role . That kind of neutered manhood is psychologically corrosive in the long run.

Good luck brother.


I would be remiss if I didn’t  point out of a nascent strain of Industry nigga who’s narcissism and monetary success blind them to the realities of white supremacy and how it affects the lives of all black people who ain’t entertainers.


They are The New Blacks and in their world white supremacy is just a matter of perception and can be overcome through ones personal mindset.

mind over matter

It can be conquered with the power of  thought.


Here are some practioners of New Black thought :





In response to the Ferguson uprising the new school southern rapper tweeted;

“It’s not about race, we just feel neglected as a people by government we trust, and I understand  when a cop is the bad guy it’s way worse”


“If ya’ll really fed up then actually make change create the reality  you wish to live in”

got that ?




it’s not about race and  white supremacy is just a created reality anyway , so y’all better get like little Billy and wish it into the corn field.


Happy Mumy


Keke Palmer



This former cable child star needs to  stick to memorizing lines and staying relevant past 25 instead of plugging into the new black matrix and pontificating on twitter about her views on race. Peep her delusional kumbayaa tweets to the people of Ferguson:

“stop separating yourself through race. That’s the issue we actually think that’s a thing. We are all family”.

” I feel bad for those that choose to believe they’re doomed. You are doomed because you believe so”


I see a Scandal-type of show in her future. Lets see how many roles she gets starring as some white man’s negro bed wench.




Notice the pattern in most of the pictures of these black celebrities.


See the common denominator?




I’m going to close with a bit of strategic information.




Drawing from several sources, experienced observers have suggested some tips for identifying such agents. They’re not foolproof, but they’re a start.


  • Agents will often lack background connections or references. No one in your circles or related groups will know them.
  • Agents try to keep discussions and action unproductive and still. They’ll spend plenty of time debating issues, with little action. They focus on ideas over people.
  • They tend to create messes in groups and between group members. They leave chaos in their wake.
  • They tend to gravitate toward people in the group who are dissatisfied. Once relationships with those folks grow, the dissatisfaction spreads.
  • Some agents have been former prisoners who do this work as part of a deal. These folks tend to jump from organization to organization in a relatively short time.
  • Agents don’t have known sources of income. They might have a job that doesn’t match their spending or claim their money comes from prior savings.
  • They tend to provide gifts for key figures at first. This helps them build trust with the group.
  • When confronted, they will get defensive and start making their own accusations.
  • They act like zealots, but they don’t have the fruit of it. They have passion but don’t truly care. (7)









































” on a straight per capita basis, St. Louis Officers fired up to 8 times more than others…from January 2007 through Sept. 30th , 2011 the dept. cleared more than 96% of shootings by officers” (1)

The cold blooded murder of Michael Brown by St .Louis pigs got me vexed something serious.

Shot 6 times while his hands were raised as he begged “please stop shooting me , I don’t have a gun“.

police confiscated cell phones containing footage of shooting from witnesses.

police left his bullet riddled dead body baking in the hot summer sun for over four hours.

police later showed surveillance footage of someone purported to be Michael brown allegedly robbing a store even though he was not stopped in connection with any robbery..

He was two days away from starting college.

The outraged black community erupted and started tearing shit up.

The white media quickly switched the focus away from the cold blooded killing of an innocent man to the looting of businesses by people who feel that if the law don’t work for them , then it ain’t gonna work for no goddamn body.

The pattern is undeniable ; innocent , unarmed black man murdered by police and once again the media criminalizes the black victim and diverts attention away from the innate criminality of the police and the systemic White Supremacy they  are pledged to “protect and serve.”


The enraged spirits of Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Renisha Mcbride , Cary Ball jr. and Jordan Davis have now been joined by Michael Brown.

White hatred is being allowed free rein in a deadly game of  racial three card molly being played by the 1%  with the newly niggerized white middle class.

Its as though black people are being sacrificed to satiate the anger of  bitter white folks who refuse to believe that they have been financially raped , robbed blind and their children sold into student loan debt slavery by  the 1%  elite who look just like them.

Kinda like our African  brothers  who sold us into slavery only this time Karmically justified.

oh, and speaking of Karma…


read’em and weep my vanilla gorillas in the mist.

  • American job prospects in 2014 rival those of India 30 years ago. ( want to work but can’t-yep, your a nigger)
  • American University Graduates are employed not as soft ware engineers and managers but as waitresses and bartenders. They do not make enough money to have an independent existence and live at home their parents.( grown ass still living in your mama’s house-  sho’sounds like a nigger to me)
  • 2/3 of American population is unable to raise $400 cash without selling personal belongings ( got that white folks ? 2/3 of the whole population, not just blacks- everybody! which includes your vanilla gorilla nigga asses too) (2)

and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

The Goddess Kali is finna holla at y’all

You are in the Kali Yuga (3) white man and your karma is calling .  You can murder all the black people you want , but you will never wash away your sins with our blood. 



She is here to see you…..



Time’s up.



We are done with white people. Its time for us to develop  new methods of dealing with them.


These are my suggestions for a code  governing how black people should conduct themselves while living amongst white people under the system of white supremacy. Feel free to add your own.

  • View all white people ( man , woman and child) as racist suspects.
  • stop all sexual activity with white people.
  • spend no money with white people when and wherever possible.
  • cease all non-work related communication with all white people.
  • do not pray with white people to white Jesus. do not engage in any religious practices with white people.
  • do not invite them into your homes . do not visit their homes.
  • while at work do not place any personal items in your work area. No pictures of family, friends, or anything that would give them insight into who you are or what you think. You are behind enemy lines!!!
  • if spoken to be polite, but do not engage in any personal conversations with white people.
  • do not trust black people who are overly friendly with whites.
  • Keep detailed records of any and all legal and business dealings with white people
  • live below your means. Pay cash whenever possible. do not use credit unless you can pay the bill in full at the end of the month.
  • stop buying new cars, expensive jewelry, and designer clothes from white people. choke them off financially.
  • record all police activity whenever possible. If you catch them engaging in criminal activity , upload footage immediately!!!
  • Teach your children what white supremacy is and how to protect themselves from it.
  • do not sell, trade or share any black cultural traditions, creations or practices with white people. exclude them when and where ever possible.



  • get strapped (shot guns for the house, revolvers for the street)
  • get in shape- be prepared to hurt a motherfucker, not just look good.
  • carry a small weapon at all times-mace, pepper spray, straight razor, box cutter, padlock in a tube sock, etc.  You never know where the next George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn may pop up.
  • get a passport
  • learn to grow your own food
  • take up a fighting art
  •  Financially shun black celebrities and athletes who don’t support the masses of black people. Write them off and keep it moving. #fuckacoon.
  • build relationships with like minded black people.
  • meditate to calm yourself and repair psychic and spiritual damage caused by white supremacy.
  • practice monogamy to establish healthy, loving relationships between black men and women. We all we got.

more later….


















The Paradise of Sorrows

pussy is the greatest pimp



Money, status, resources, and fame are the  male equivalent of lips, hips, thighs, ass and titties. Their mere presence in the room is enough to arouse hypergamous swelling of lubricious lady pearls and stimulate the pimp instincts of the greatest Mack to ever send a Ho to the track…PU$$Y.



The fact that hypergamy (1) remains an integral part of the mate selection process for many women well into the twenty-first century says a lot about the tumultuous state of gender relations in the wake of feminism’s three waves.

Women place a high value on a man’s economic means and social status no matter how self-reliant and economically independent they may be.  Men are viewed on some level as utilitarian success objects to be exploited on an as needed basis.


Power is the greatest aphrodisiac“-Henry Kissinger


Power and prestige trump physical drawbacks and personality deficits. Obesity, stupidity, ugliness, narcissism and sociopathic tendencies are tolerable in direct proportion to how much money is attached to them.  Who a man is means less than what he can do for a woman.

It is a given that within a Matriarchal culture like Black America  hypergamy  would be overtly championed as the preferred relationship dynamic. This is due in large part to the harsh economic conditions most black people live under.  The value placed on a man’s “ass and titties” (status and resources) is quite high.

Bear in mind that our entire relationship paradigm takes place within within the white supremacist social structure which negatively impacts every aspect of black life, especially gender relations.



“Make that nigga take care of yo’ kids/ make that nigga call yo’ kids his/ make that nigga get out there and work/ make that nigga buy you a Dooney and Burke/ it’s all about that nigga take care of me/ pussy whipped nigga come save me” – E40 , Captain Save-A-Ho

can you pay my bills?/ can you pay my telephone bills?/ do you pay my auto mo bills?/ if you did then maybe we could chill/ I don’t think you do, so you and me are through” – Destiny’s Child, Bills



A mythical gilded path of least resistance leading to a promised land of ease, luxury, and leisure has many a THOT(5) clicking the heels of her indoor swapmeet red bottoms 3 times and wishing for a short cut to a sure shot.


The idea of never having to struggle again in this life is irresistable to a chick who ain’t never had shit , especially one raised to view men as natural resources to be exploited.

At the polar opposite end of the spectrum lie the great majority of men programmed from a young age to believe that the only metrics of manhood are social position, wealth and power.

Without them you are not a man.

You get no female attention , no respect and  no love.

So get out there and do whatever it takes.

Who teaches us that ?

The PU$$Y.




Invariably these misguided souls meet in the mating market place where youth, beauty, and sexual access are exchanged for money, status and control of resources.

Unfortunately, love rarely enters this transaction but children often do, usually as part of some poorly thought out ratchet scheme.



Once these kids have out lived their usefulness you can find them filling the beds of group homes and seats in special ed. classes until they are old enough to press rewind and repeat the cycle.




The comfortable snare of the female predator is laid deep within the male subconscious mind where female acceptance and validation are associated with mother love. Bundle this with an unexamined belief that beauty equals goodness then wrap it all up with a moist pink ribbon of sexual gratification and VOILA!!!

Even the laziest man eater can feast on a steady diet of doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs who place no real value upon themselves beyond what’s assigned to them by the second sex.

The sad thing here is many of these men can be counted among the supremely talented, rich and famous. In black culture such men are usually entertainers and athletes. These are the brothers with plenty of male “ass and titties”.The ones who seemingly go out of their way to get caught up with pole twerking box hustlers whose primary talents are sexual.



Back then hoes didn’t want me/ now I’m hot/ Hoes all on me”– Mike Jones,  Back Then

celebrity culture plunges us into a moral void-no one has any worth beyond his or her appearance, usefulness, or ability to succeed. The highest achievements in celebrity culture are wealth, sexual conquest and fame. It does not matter how these are obtained…once fame and wealth are achieved they become their own justification, their own morality. How one gets them is irrelevant. Once you get there  those questions are no longer valid.”- Chris Hedges, Empire Of Illusion. pgs.32-33




Instead of living for, in and with yourself as a reasonable person ought, you seek only to fasten your feebleness on some other person’s strength“- Charlotte Bronte ,  Jane Eyre ,Ch. 21

Today social media and reality television have spawned a new breed of cunning, avaricious, super ratchet who will stop at nothing and use anyone to achieve the synthetic fame one gets for fucking someone well known.

Meet the Status Hacker.

Say hi to The Basketball Wives, The women of Love and Hip Hop, Super head, Kat Stacks, V. Stiviano , and the mother goddess of all these ho’s, Kim Kardashian.



The PU$$Y starts pimping the moment the tell all book is published, sex tape is leaked or TMZ plays the secret recordings. Next up , the Oprah interview , Playboy spread,  a reality show and ideally marriage to a high dollar baller.




If a ring ain’t in the works , then the “annuity” baby plan is put into effect by the coldest pimp in the game….. The Mother Pimp. 

“as far as female pimps are concerned , the mother pimp is the boss. she has been there and back; she has all the answers because she has been asked all the questions.”- The Pimps Bible, pg.110




The black blogosphere and Twitterverse stays bubbling like a pot of fermenting  Chitlins’ with stories about high profile black entertainers/athletes putting babies in their side pieces/jump offs/ backup ratchets.

Back in the day an “outside woman” making a pregnancy power move took the pay off and stayed low key. Just ask Bill CosbyDr. J, Joe Jackson and a million other old school players who kept their bid’ness out the street, but that was waaaay before the advent of the internet.


The “clean up” women are no longer content to stand in the shadows of stardom and abide by the side piece code of conduct. The media has created a lane for them pursue their own bastardized form of fame which they often decide to augment with the conception of a bastard child or two.

In the new millinium , if you are a famous man of  means and you pump a pearl necklace into a side chick’s safe deposit box, then prepare to break yourself and check in with your new pimp.

 trick ass nigga.

Lets take a brief tour of the side piece/ mother pimp hall of fame:




Evelyn Lozada– This” juice box  vendor”  is a locker room  legend  in  the  NBA, NFL  and MLB. Prior to  her  destruction of  Chad “ochocinco” Johnson’s pro football career by means of dubious abuse claims, “la panocha peligroso” Lozada latched onto former NBA 100 million dollar dunce Antoine Walker’s wallet for a ten year run.

According to Walker his decade long access to her vagina cost him dearly. Now near penniless “…admits he easily spent a couple of million dollars on his ex-fiancé and  even her family benefitted from his generosity , but when he fell on hard times financially he accuses her of bouncing on him and  never looking back…My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight she chose to go in a different direction. It’s tough when you take care of some people and you make sure they are good, their family, their daughter, and they just go left field.” (2)

Recently, she’s clamped her vaginal vortex of ruin onto the bank account of Pro baseball player Carl Crawford . This  Simple Simon  just signed a 149 million dollar pro contract that will pay him  an estimated 20 million dollars a year.

To secure her un-earned portion of this future homeless hall of famer’s millions, the shrewd Ms. Lozada put on her mother pimp hat, stuffed a catchers mitt  up into her cervix and caught every single sperm this short bus slugger grand slammed into her money hole.

At 38 years old She stole home base with a new born multimillion dollar baby.

Maybe Mr. Crawford should have talked to Antoine walker or Chad Johnson before fouling out with this long legged losing streak.



Aja Metoyer – Aja Metoyer is a well known groupie with her pimp hand deep inside Damon Wayans Jr.’s pocket courtesy of the  two daughter’s she squatted out for him.  However, as every good pimp knows you got to have more than one ho in your stable otherwise you ain’t really pimpin’, so Aja got out there on the track and pulled her a NBA thoroughbred , none  other than Dwayne Wade.

Not content with merely swiping some super star semen from a hollow headed dullard with effete fashion tastes,  she left her dirty panties where they could be found by penning a public letter to Mr. Wade’s fiancé Gabrielle Union :

I’d like to thank Dwayne Wade for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer, you know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with two drawers. I think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it…also you are a little too old to be making Valentines Day photo albums, Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least, I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room I fucked him in lol”(3)

….I bet she’s a great mom and a fine role model for her two daughters and new born son with Dwayne wade ( go get your kids NOW Damon and Dwayne).

Oh, and did y’all know she comes from a family of seasoned mother pimps ?

dass riiight!!!

cristen metoyer

her sister Cristen Metoyer has a baby by NBA baller Joe Crawford.




Brynn Cameron- Y’all know wasn’t no way in hell these crafty ass white women were gonna let these non- white chicks do all this mother pimping without getting some of that post partum cash too.

Meet Brynn Cameron, a blonde, blue-eyed mother pimp of the highest order with very discriminating taste in pro nut sauce. She has one son by Heisman trophy winner and NFL washout Matt Lineart , who kicks in a princely sum of 189, 000!! a year in child support.


Clearly not one to be slackin in her mackin’, Pimpin’ Brynn is airtight with her game  and recognizes,  like  Aja “moneybags” Metoyer, that a  real pimp needs more than one ho.  So she Milked a few ounces of Blake Griffin into her penis flytrap and gave birth to a healthy seven pound child support check to go along with Matts dwindling cash. See his career is floundering and she needed some long term security  scrilla cuz ho money ain’t sho money.



Vanessa Lopez- This c-list Va Jay Jay merchant has been slinging her high mileage pastrami tunnel to those with big incomes and small I.Q’s for longer than most NBA players careers.  She is probably best known for her lawsuit against  the seven foot one World Champion super trick Shaquille O’neal. Her lawsuit charged the towering lummox with racketeering , invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Even though this all star dick rider lost her court case she delivered some decisive blows to the dense behemoth’s public persona in her deposition:

When asked if Shaq had any sexual hang ups Vanessa said :

‘he would often put his hands over his private area and say “I know it’s small , don’t laugh”. And he was just a little embarrassed about that…when he would call and want to get together when I had my period  Shaq would say “I don’t care” and when we would see each other he had like a fetish that he’d just like to give me oral sex during my period” (4).

Ah , well I guess Shaq likes red sauce on his  fish tacos….

Ms. Lopez only other note worthy accomplishment is signing a  $25,000 abortion contract with NBA player J.J. Reddick. Now that’s some cold mother pimping right there, getting money for your dead baby.



Pimpin’ ain’t easy.




Now lets take a look at the stuffed and mounted heads housed in the Trick Ass Nigga Museum of Natural Stupidity


Dwight Howard Rockets Troll

Dwight Howard-  8 kids in six years , 6 mother pimps . This is the perfect physical specimen of a big , dumb ass muh fucka. He is a mother pimps wet dream and most certainly a  future candidate for the Antoine Walker Nigga Who Used To Be Rich award.


Shawn Kemp- 11 kids, 9 mother pimps. In the words of the patron saint of all dope fiends, his ‘highness’  Rick James , cocaine is a “helluva drug”.


Scott Skiles- 8 kidsseven mother pimps. Ol’ Scotty here is upholding the fine NBA tradition of marginal former white players winding up as head coaches. The talented Mr. Skiles was competitive with the brothers on and off the court busting out 8 kids with seven different women who were not his wife.


Calvin Murphy- 14 kids , 9 mother pimps .     Let me start by saying  what…a…fucking…bastard.  Where do I begin with this nigga ? ( besides that African Mack Daddy Easter suit).

Here are the highlights;

  • Had a secret family containing 5 of his 14 daughters which he kept hidden for 20 years.
  • Pressured the children who didn’t belong to him and his wife to not call him dad so he could preserve his public image as a family man.
  •  4 of the 5 Daughters in his secret family  accused him of molesting them. He was aquitted of all charges.
  • Claimed his secret baby mama’s retirement benefits after she had passed away.

In fairness to this pint sized piece of rotting foreskin , the molestation charges were brought after he refused to turn over his baby mama’s retirement checks to their five daughters….but still, this nigga is waaaaay out of pocket.



Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield –  11 kids9 mother pimps.  The Five time World Heavy Weight Champion got knocked the fuck out by the little contender below his belt after going raw  for 9 bouts resulting 11 TKO’S.

$500,000.00 in back child support and 250 million  down the drain had Evander still boxing at 50.

Hopefully he is punch drunk enough to forget how fucked his life turned out.




If your head is hurting by now its because the plug that connects you to the Hypergamy matrix has Been yanked.  Most of you cats will realize this , panic and rush to reconnect with your last pimp.  I’m not mad at y’all because you don’t know any better.

Men that  have been raised by mothers who manipulated them by extending acceptance and love on a conditional basis are susceptible to being played by women with ulterior motives.

Your minds have been shaped from birth to crave female approval and reassurance which subconsciously  gives you a sense of belonging , of being accepted,  of being loved , of feeling secure within yourself.

The deep irony of this is that it locates a man’s sense of who he is outside of himself and places it within the snug, moist confines of the greatest pimp of all time.


The  male sex drive is not only biological force, It is also an intense desire to connect emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. As men often we don’t realize this because the physical hunger overshadows everything else.


Gentlemen, you’re looking in the wrong place for the right things.


A con man’s greatest weapon is the mark’s own greed and this same principle enables the PU$$Y to have a man  blissfully hustling backwards into her Gucci bag.


A real woman ain’t your mother and she doesn’t owe you unconditional love, so don’t expect it. By the same token , you ain’t her daddy so don’t feel obligated to meet her every need.

Real ride or die love has nothing to do with one person exploiting another. It’s about two people valuing each other for who they are and not for what they look like  or what they can do for you monetarily. Beauty fades , money comes and goes, so choose wisely.

common sense.

What It comes down to  is simply treating another person how you want to be treated and accepting nothing less in return . If you can’t do that , then you need to go sit your ass down somewhere until you grow the hell up.

You can never get conned by saying no and you can’t be pimped unless you’re  willing to ho.



























Dress Rehearsal: Black Genocide in Drag


This piece is in no way homophobic. Whatever a grown man or woman does in his or her private life is their own business as long as it doesn’t involve children , coercion or a person doing something against their will it doesn’t concern me or anyone else.

If you want to marry someone of the same gender, or do anything else legally that involves a significant other/loved one it is your right and I support that. So unless your name is Jerry Sandusky you shouldn’t be offended, and if you are  FUCK YOU.


Lets get this shit straight from the get down start  GAY AIN’T THE NEW BLACK. 

Real oppression is not something you can opt out of whenever it becomes inconvenient. Do you understand that white LGBT community? So quit trying to double dip on your white privilege in the name of people who experience REAL SUFFERING every mother fucking day the lord sends.

I need to holla  my gay brothers and sisters right quick

 Don’t let these white LGBT storm troopers put a battery in your back and set you out on front street to lead their fucking pride  parade. Don’t get it twisted my niggas they have no use for you beyond moving their agenda.


They will connect like Voltron with Hetero white people against your black ass in the blink of a blue eye and the only reason they are patting you on your back now is to find a soft spot to stab you in later.

” oh, come on  Mr. Kody  don’t you realize that the Black civil rights struggle is the same as the fight for gay rights?”

Now what  kind of devious , manipulative bastard would say that shit?

goebbelbig lie

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise”- Adolf Hitler


In 2014 the most effective propaganda tools remain movies and television. And since Black people spend more time watching T.V. and going to the movies than every other racial group in America, just put any program you want to implant in their minds  on a  screen ( theater, television, computer, cell phone) and then hold up the stars as examples of maximum success.  Next, show them among the beautiful, rich and famous and being praised by the mainstream media. Soon enough you will have niggas lining up to do all manner of fuckery in order to be famous or infamous.

                                                                           DAVE CHAPELLE DRESS QUOTE




I wonder how brother Nat Turner would have reacted  to the announcement  of Jaden Smith being cast in the screen adaptation of 2013 The National Award winning novel  The Good Lord Bird.


For those who ain’t knowing , The Good Lord Bird  is a historical fiction story about a cross dressing slave named Onion  who joins up with the white abolitionist John Brown . Yeah, let that sink in for a minute…pause…. A slave boy in  dress whose name is black slang for big booty.

uh huh……I see…..Thanks again Hollywood.

Hold up y’all I got an idea for a movie. It’s a light hearted gay romantic comedy set in a concentration camp and the main characters are a Jewish prisoner and a Nazi guard. I think a good title might be Tender Lovin’ In The Gas  Ovens  or how about  My Sweet Swastika  You think Steven Spielberg or Woody Allen might be interested in directing it?… No?….  gee , I wonder why?


I kid, I kid……

Now  black to my original question . Y’all know it  was purely hypothetical right?  because we know damn well that  brother Nat would have no doubt  astutely pointed out that The Good Lord Bird is the perfect synthesis of two dominant cinematic messages being transmitted straight to the collective subconscious of black men : white male dominance & the feminization of black men. These messages are being implanted  for use in a larger social engineering program designed to facilitate a larger nefarious agenda.

(social engineering  my nigga…google it…you look up every thing else on that over priced phone…shit)

The real or imagined physical superiority of the black man in the mind of the European has been the taproot of the myriad forms of savagery that characterizes their every interaction with us.

check out what Bell Hooks has to say ( and mind you, she ain’t really like brothers all that much either):

“within neo-colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, the black male body continues to be perceived as an embodiment of bestial , violent, penis-as-weapon hypermasculine assertion…psychohistories of white racism have always called attention to the tension between the construction of the black male body as danger and underlying eroticization that always then imagines that body as a location for transgressive pleasure” (1)

The overwhelming need in the white male psyche to castrate and tame black men sank to its demonic nadir during the slave trade.  The repressed homosexual desire that many slave masters  subconsciously harbored for their male chattel was loosed from its religious moorings and unleashed upon black men and boys:

 “Did you know that during slavery in the U.S gay male slaveholders would buy male slaves to engage in forced homosexual sex acts ? These male slaves were purchased based entirely on the perquisite of him having a large penis. Black men were routinely raped by their gay slave owners .The process was known as “breaking the buck”. It involves perhaps the most heinous and most atrocious acts known to man.

 A strapping negro slave who was defiant, surly and may stir up trouble was beaten with a whip until bloody in front of his entire slave congregation. The slave owner, deathly afraid of an uprising, would cut down a tree and with the help of an overseer, would pummel the buck into submission .

Once the slave was worn down, the white master had the other negro slaves force him over the tree stump where his britches would be removed and he lay fully exposed ripe for the taking. What came next caused fear to ripple through every slave plantation across the south.

The master, drunk on bloodlust, would explain to all strong, young, black men that if they did not follow strict orders and comply with the whims of the overseer and the master this too would be his fate. He removed his own clothing and proceeded to savagely sodomize the buck in front of his wife, family, friends, and children.

In order for the plan to take effect he would require the bucks male child to watch front row center so he too could witness his fathers demise and sexual humiliation. Buck breaking was the slave master’s very effective tool to keep all black slaves from ever being defiant and taking revenge”(2)

gay slave shit

you’ll have to pardon us if we seem a little homophobic at times, that’s just our ancestors tapping us on the shoulder.

  but uh, back to the lesson at hand….


Remember the social engineering program thats being run: The feminization of black men and white male dominance.

Now reflect back upon the spate of Psychological Warfare weapons that have been launched at us : White Chicks (’04), Madea (’05-’13) , Big Momma’s house (’06) , Norbit (’07) , Django Unchained (’12), The Help ( ’12), The Butler ( ’13),  Twelve Years a Slave (’13).  Dagger after Dagger carving negative patterns deep into our collective subconscious. Sitting in darkened rooms passively taking in flickering images puts the mind in a suggestable state conducive to mind control programming. The buck breaking now takes place in movie theaters and the cerebral cortex is what’s being sodomized.

” now you done gone too far Kody! what about all these rappers with their hyper masculine gun talk and misogyny?  Ain’t they doin’ more harm than a few niggas in dresses?! we caint blame white folks for that now can we?”

Well beat me with a night stick and call me Rodney! Look who done “popped up” again to derail the conversation :



I see CNN sent Don Lemon to play the frame and blame game again with the love of my life , Hip Hop.

Lately she and her two  bad assed  grand babies , trap music and ratchet rap, have been getting accused of all  kinds of shit going on in our cultural neighborhood. Some of it true, some of it not.

But before we pull her section 8 certificate and evict her from the village, lets reflect back about 30 years ago when she first showed up with a few of her hard headed , rough neck sons and beat back the original wave of feminizers.

Don’t front y’all. I know you remember who they first sent to try and put your hairy asses in high heels and lipstick:



Yeah,  y’all niggas was up in the club with one glove, ruffled shirts , legs warmers and thongs  talking bout’  “morning noon and night i’ll give you head” and  “beat it”.  give who head prince?…beat what mike?




 then she showed up to a house party one hot summer night in the hood with a couple of her sons , and shit get real quiet for a second when they stepped on the set.  People was like “who are these niggas?”….  Then all hell broke the fuck loose as our balls dropped so low we had to hold them with one hand while we walked with a cold mannish stroll and we got the bass back in our voice.

The black male had chiseled his own likeness from unforgiving concrete using two turntables with a microphone and instead of being told how to be , we told they ass how it was….


run dmc



rakin and eric b

Just look at the contrast between the two sets of images. Do you see  the dichotomy?

Michael Jackson and Prince were everywhere all at once MTV, radio, , T.V.  and yes we loved them, but they didn’t look like us, they didn’t rock like we did….now realize that hip hop was not on television,  was not on the radio in most parts of the country and there was no internet.

We took our minds back and created our own image that reflected who we were and how we saw ourselves : authentic, strong, proud  BLACK MEN and  then we spread it throughout our culture out the back of car trunks and on cassette tapes “from party to party, back yard to yard”.

was it perfect? no

did we disrespect our sisters? yes.

do we owe them an apology? yes.

but did we allow them to get on the mic and rock with us? you damn right.




notice these queens are not smiling or showing ass and titties.  They were not playing.

 By the time the beast showed up we had already built an underground movement with an economy to match….. so FUCK THEM when they say we cant do shit.  These vampires are still feasting on what we created and they know it. (check my Nikki Minaj: Ho Sit Down piece for a further break down).

but I digress…..

Two things we must always remember about The Nordic Wolfenstein are; 1. he adapts quickly and 2. he is patient. Learn from him black folks!!!! He will find a way to dominate and control your ass if given just half a chance.

So how does this relate to social engineering and the feminization of black men?

check it:

After certain greedy, short sighted coons ( Russell Simmons, Puffy, Suge knight, Dr.Dre, Jay z) sold our cultural goldmines to Wolfenstein in order to enrich themselves with a few nigger trinkets and Ol’ Wolfie  got control he set about re-defining what hip hop meant.

How did he do this?  By shaping what it could look like,  sound like, who could get heard and seen, and what they rapped about. In short,who got paid.  He did it real slick by simply rewarding  those who gave him what he wanted: Dumbed down , negative images of niggas and hot beats/rhymes for white rappers.

From there it was a very short walk from strong black man to  super thug to feminized urban panty boy.

think I’m lying:


check your man  A$AP ROCKY. super gifted on the Mic but……


Or how bout Yung thug, one of the hottest out the south right now….what kind of thuggin’ YOU doing my nigga?


And we can’t leave out  Kim Kardashian’s latest Purse caddy, Kanye Kardashian    West. NIgga you looking hella moist in that skirt right about now. Look like a fucking Riot Grrrrl from the 90’s…..I know …I know …I don’t have all the answers.

“Well, Kody these are artists and they should be free to express themselves in how they dress.”

You have a point my incense burning , herbal tea sipping, vegan raw food eating, natural child birthing, spoken word poetess, shea butter dreads, organic head wrapped, kemetic yoga instructing Nubian goddess.


  Our young men are highly impressionable at certain stages in their development and their identities can be shaped in many ways. Unfortunately the absence of fathers, good or bad, in our homes has created a vacuum where the masculine influence should be and it’s being filled with mind control programming.  Therefore. we must be extremely cautious about who and what we put in front of our sons.





you never know how your son will grow up….



EJ Johnson seen in Soho

sometimes having a daddy, even  a rich famous one who lived with you , played basketball with you , gave you the best of everything and all that,  don’t neccessarily mean things won’t turn out some type of way. If they do, just love your son.


 but do you really want  these type of brothers for your daughters?


Why would the white supremacist power structure want to socially engineer feminized black men ?

Feminized black men aren’t threatening to white males. They tend not to challenge white male authority and are content to be passive in the face of racist aggression.

What does this have to do with black genocide?

 Feminized males  tend to be gay and therefore they are not procreating with black women and this in turn causes a significant drop in the number of black children being conceived and born.


and don’t start popping that in vitro, surrogate, my auntie’s  second cousin’s niece gonna- give- me- an egg- and- the girl round the corner -will- carry- the- fetus for 10 stacks, a couple packs of Remy Indian silky human hair, an autographed 8×10 glossy of Nene Leakes , and a pair of used size 9 Leboutins if we pay in cash- child bearing schemes.

y’all know damn well white folks ain’t leaving their reproductive future to nothing like that so why should we?

We have to stop emulating these celebrities and encouraging our children to be like them. This ain’t the sixties and these people don’t have a social conscience, nor do they feel any obligation to take principled  stands on issues concerning  us as a group.

They are out for themselves.

 Notice how quiet those NBA slaves were about Donald Sterling?

Besides Jamie Foxx can you think of even one of these  negro Hollywood sell outs that actually took a stand on anything besides LGBT rights?

and that includes your president.

We don’t need them. we have each other.

Brothers, live like your children are watching you every minute of the day…cuz they are….even when you not around.

Sisters, only bear children by men they can be proud of and everything else will follow.

Lets invest in each other, respect each other and stand up for one another.

gay and straight we all we got.

don’t you ever forget….

”  remember? ….motherfucker never loved us…remember? motherfucker never loved us….remember? …motherfucker…remember? …i’m on my worst behavior …don’t you ever get it fucked up, motherfucker never loved us….”






additional reading:


half white aristocrat


“if you don’t understand white supremacy/racism everything else will  only confuse you”- Neely Fuller jr.


Greetings all you post racial pipe layers and  swirl thirsty bed wenches,

Might I ask that you remove your reality blinders for a quick one minute reproductive math lesson?

Listen up:






you may now return to your illusion of inclusion.





The above formula is the base equation used in enforcing white supremacy as it relates to interracial relationships.  Let this be a lesson to all Oreos (blacks) , bananas (Asians),  coconuts (Latinos) or any other wannabe Aryan aspirants who are under the mistaken impression that they can bleach, dye, weave, nip, tuck,  fuck and suck their way to whiteness.




asaina self hatred




interracial dating

Your children will be denied the official classification of Caucasian  within the White Supremacist racial hierarchy. It is incumbent upon you to educate your children about living as a non-white person in a system that is extremely hostile to their very existence.

Failure to do so will result in deep psychological conflicts, identity problems and a perpetually confused mind state. Your daughters  will be placed on the sexual menu under “exotic appetizers” to be consumed and discarded by white men , and your sons will be  psycho-emotionally castrated then given positions as palace eunuchs, allowed to look but never touch.


The aforementioned passages were written and images  put in place to provide a contextual framework for understanding the May 23, 2014  homicidal rampage of deranged half white supremacist/eunuch Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara California which resulted in the non-fatal injuring of 13 people and the deaths of 3 Asian males , 2 white females and 1 Latino male.

SIMP IN A BEAMER                                                                                 eliot rodgers designer guns

I’m heavy in the street like that 7 series  beemer man/ hit ’em  with the nina man/ or that 4/5th guaranteed to lean ya man/ I’m the reason ya block is vacant/ malicious will hit you just to make a statement bitch!!…

brrrr…what happen to that boy?

brrrr…what happen to that boy?

brrrr…what happen to that boy?


Baby A.K.A. Birdman  What Happen To That Boy?


Elliot Rodger’s decent into self loathing and ultimately to madness began the moment his Chinese mother made the decision to conceive a child with a white man. His Merciless fate was sealed the microsecond his soul incarnated into a  Y chromosome sentencing him to life as a non-white male in a white supremacist system.


No doubt his father knew what lie ahead  but was ill equipped to teach him how to navigate a system set up to deny him a full measure of manhood and his confused mother surely believed she was giving him what to her seemed the greatest gift of all, white blood in a world ruled by white people.

                                                                                         rodgerpeter              ” He was jealous of me, the way I looked”- Peter Rodger (1)


Neither  Elliot Rodger’s Mother or his father knew how to raise an Asian boy to be an Asian man , which is what he was according  to the good ol’ American one drop law, and  he hated himself because the white people who’s validation he so desperately craved  never let him forget it.

Ever notice how the one drop law doesn’t work in the opposite direction? i.e  one drop of white blood never makes you white…just sayin’.


” I envied the cool kids and wanted to be one of them…My first act was to ask my parents to allow me to bleach my hair blonde . I always envied and admired blonde haired people , they always seemed so much more beautiful” (2)

Elliot-Rodger” when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt an intense level of  satisfaction ” (2)


Instead of his parents heeding the sign that their son’s desire to dye his hair blonde at age 9!! was an indication that he was having an identity crisis and begin teaching him to love himself and embrace his Chinese heritage, they did the worst thing  possible by having his hair professionally dyed blonde in an effort to appease his unattainable desire to be accepted as a white kid.

His satisfaction with his whiter appearance was short lived. Ironically, as his Roots began growing in he began to figure out the world and his place in it.

“…I also started to examine myself  and compare myself to these “cool” kids.  I realized with some horror , that I wasn’t cool at all…on top of this was the feeling because I am of mixed race, I am half white and half Asian and this made me different than the normal fully white kids that I was trying to fit in with…I wished I wasn’t half Asian…my father never prepared me for facing such a cruel world”(2).

The eminent black Psychiatrist and  Author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing had this to say about the way Elliot Rodger was parented;

” …He was a child who was being humiliated and tortured by patterns of behavior in the system of white supremacy that his parents, one white and one Asian, were not paying any attention to…they were into a denial of racism/white supremacy…in denial of its impact on their son, but they had their son in predominately white situations  where children were bullying him because he was not white…in mixed race marriages there is usually no preparation of the children for the racism they are going to be experiencing under the system of white supremacy . The parents are usually in denial about the depth of the racism the child will experience, particularly if the child is male”(3).


It comes as little surprise that an ethnic Chinese woman from Malaysia and a white man from England wouldn’t  have a clear understanding about the American racial deep fryer (not melting pot) they tossed their son into. Had they never come to the U.S.  it is entirely possible that their son Elliot wouldn’t have been mentally disfigured as a result of living  under conditions he was totally unprepared for (white supremacy).

Peter and Chin Rodger were both lulled into a false sense of serenity by the socially acceptable dynamic of the white male/ Asian female  relationship that is tacitly encouraged by a western  culture  which holds the white male up as a superior mating choice forall non-white females, especially Asian females. Anecdotal and statistical data bear this out:

” U.S. data report that intermarriage rates among whites and Asians show a gender wide disparity: 72% of Asian-white couples  are White male/Asian female while only 28% of Asian-white marriages are Asian male/White female. Furthermore , 52% of all interracial couples are white male/Asian female.(4)


The following piece of research data buttresses the above mentioned census findings:

” a research study examining racial preferences based on the Facebook dating app found that Asian women seem to favor advances from white men as they responded to yes messages almost 8 % of the time-more than any other race”.(5)


It is clear that Chin Rodger did as many other Asian women do and chose a white man over an Asian man. According to her son Elliot,  Chin Rodger dated many other white men  besides his father, Peter Rodger (Asst. Director, The Hunger Games) . Her clear preference being white males of high status  such as George Lucas (Director/ Producer, Star Wars) and another wealthy white man named Jack who’s opulent lifestyle Elliot described in the following passage from his manifesto:

“…Jack gave mother the keys to his Malibu beach house…the house was a beautiful,  a white colored mansion located right on a private beach. the back  yard had a swimming pool and a hot tub  with a gate leading to the shoreline…he was worth well over 500 million dollars and he owned other mansions in Bel  Aire and Beverly Hills” (2)


I can’t say if Ms. Rodger is a  gold digger,  but she ain’t fucking with no broke niggas……


…..but I digress


It would be safe to assume that Elliot’s mother’s choice of mates (high status white males) had a profound impact on his view of himself and his strong desire to be identified and accepted as a white male rather than an Asian male.  However, this alone doesn’t explain his intense need to not be perceived as Asian.

The Asian male has been denigrated for over 200 years in American culture. From the nineteenth century up to the present  White people have used vicious stereotyping to destroy the image of the Asian man in the minds of people all over the world. “Asian men in western media have the unfortunate tendency  to be depicted as being nerdy, feminine, comical and shy”.(6)

As my crafty old mama would say ” I can show you better than I can tell you”. check it:


CHINKEE                                      gook_image05anto asian cartoon                                                                                                                              Chiggers_zpsc782dc97


The white supremacist mainstream media are unrelenting in using imagery to demean, demoralize and demonize those they  classify as  inferior. It is a form of psychological warfare raised to a science by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s and perfected by their Jewish  counterparts in Hollywood. This is nothing new to black people. But it is sobering to realize just how hard the beast has rode on the Asian male in movies and television , even going so far as having white actors such as Jerry Lewis, Mickey Rooney, John Wayne, Christopher Lee and David Carradine play Asian roles  performing in “yellow face”. 

 The casting of David Carradine as the lead in the hit 70’s Kung Fu  was particularly galling because not only was the show conceptualized by the greatest action movie star of all time, Bruce Lee, it was also supposed to feature him in the lead role of Kane.  After agreeing to give the role to Bruce, the biggest box office draw in the world at the time, the  network bosses backed out of the deal because they believed white America wasn’t ready for a Chinese leading man on television. instead they chose to build the show around a white non -martial artist.

                                                                           JerryLewis_Oriental                                                                                               Starring_Mickey_Rooney





 They even put Fred Flintstone in the mix…damn.

racist  flintstones


It should also be noted that when Hollywood does cast an actual Asian actor in a movie  he is rarely allowed a love interest with a woman of any race , especially a white woman. This portrayal of Asian men as asexual reinforces the most damaging stereotype of all as illustrated by the chart below.


“It’s color was it’s size” – James Baldwin



RACIST CHART                                                                           hollywood's-rules-for-gendered-racism


Young Elliot Rodger thought his fathers status as a white male would be conferred upon him like some type of birth right, but he was wrong. He would only be accepted as who he appeared to be , in his case an  Asian male , and since he had internalized all the toxic racial ideas about Asian men  in white American culture , he could not bear the thought of being relegated to a  status beneath what he mistakenly believed was his white male identity.

He wasn’t a white man and the white women he so desperately wanted never let him forget it. To them he was just a another socially awkward, shy, small, weak , Asian boy.

It was the this part of himself that he subconsciously blamed for his lack of success with the blonde , blue eyed , golden Becky surfer girls that were always beyond his reach. “all those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me as an inferior man if I ever made asexual advance toward them”(7)

It was this part of himself he was trying to kill  when he allegdly drugged, bludgeoned with  a hammer, stabbed  and then mutilated with machetes his first three victims : David Wang, George Chen, and James Hong.




The three men were his roommates and living with them no doubt pushed him over the edge psychologically, visually reinforcing the unwanted image of himself as a non-white male who looked a lot like they did.

Aside from the tragedy of these young Asian brothers losing their lives so senselessly,  the most sickening aspect of their deaths was how little media  attention they received because two of the other victims were white females, and we all know how precious the life of a white woman is. And In case you forgot, the rabid army of racist white feminists were fully mobilized to remind you.

Never ones to shy away from dipping their dainty porcelain finger tips in the fresh blood of others to advance their self serving agenda, the white feminists took to their brooms and filled the airwaves, social media and the twitter verse with shrill diatribes about misogyny, patriarchy, male privilege , etc.  even going so far as creating the hashtag #yesallwomen.

So three Asian young men get bludgeoned with a goddamn hammer and then hacked to death with two fucking machetes ( I guess the first one got dull mid massacre)  followed by a Latino kid being gunned down, but the issue is misogyny and violence against women?  Even when the majority of the victims were men?  the truth is our lives never matter to these MISANDRISTS  (Yeah, look THAT up)

fuck outta here


Truth be told we are going to keep on having dudes snap off and start killing as long as we don’t address the true cause for this culture of violence , white supremacy. It breeds seething hate and deep frustration / resentment into its victims and corrodes the humanity of its beneficiaries.

Somewhere right now a sad, angry  man is buying guns low key and quietly stock piling bullets with bad intentions.












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trayvon_martin1SKIN HEAD

” I know I’m prejudiced, I know I’m bigoted… If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. and if on that side of the  street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face-a white guy, bald  head, tattoos everywhere-I’m walking back to the other side of the  street …I think we’re all bigots”(1)  – Mark Chabanisky ( Cuban) ,May 22, 2014


The minds of Jewish white supremacists such as Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) are fascinating. In their eyes  the two pictures above  are equally menacing. One a go hard, straight up skinhead and the other a black boy barely out of childhood , yet both are threatening  to a  billionaire Jewish white supremacist like Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) or Donald Tokowitz  (Sterling).

I wonder why he finds a black child in a hoodie threatening? Is it because he isn’t 6 “8 with a killer jump shot?  or is it the hoodie? or could it be the skin color of the boy wearing it?

Hmmmm… I think  black and white people both know the answer to that one. The difference is black people will say it out loud and white people will deny  that its the color of the skin.

….well those hoodies are scary you know.




boyzndahood                                                                            lynching…yes those hoodies are very scary indeed.


But the invisible ones that Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) and Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) wear are even more frightening because of what they hide. Real. live. Dangerous. White supremacy.

The kind that smiles and hides behind a check to the NAACP  while denying housing and jobs to black people for over 35 years (sterling) or patting a brother on the back while low key co-signing fellow racists under the guise of protecting freedom of speech or being “honest” about his own bigotry.


and just so we care clear about who and what we are talking about let us review the definition of bigotry:

“the stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed , belief, or opinion that differs from ones own.”

Lets cut the bullshit. Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) is every  bit as racist/ White supremacist as his boy Donald Tokowitz (Sterling).  When he conflates his Alleged fear of black boys in hoodies after dark with an equal terror of white dudes with facial tattoos you know damn well that there is something more than just run of the mill bigotry at work.

Trust family , he ain’t talking about being intolerant of a black boy’s creed, belief or opinion late at night.  We know it, he knows it, and so do the millions of white people he dog whistled that racist message to.

let me say this again;

racism/white supremacy is prejudice with a system in place to enforce it.

What makes Jewish White Supremacists like Chabanisky (Cuban) and Tokowitz (Sterling) so dangerous is their ability to hide in plain site. Grinning in black peoples faces while effortlessly blending in among their fellow whites without drawing  attention to themselves as the lower caste Caucasians they are classified as on the hierarchy of whiteness..


white…its all good under their hood though.  A few tweaks  here and there and every things kosher.







“if you want to know who rules you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire



So here we are a little over a month since the Donald Sterling Fiasco blew and all black folks have gotten is a bunch of fake talking head  white folks  outrage, mealy mouthed million dollar nigga banjo plucking, and salacious tidbits about an Octogenerian’s Viagra fueled sexcapades with a tranny-licious Blaxican  Rupaul’s Drag Race reject.


Fuck that.

My question is  this: When are Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) and the NBA’S 15 other Jewish owners going to….wait….y’all didn’t now that huh?  y’all think I”m lying huh?

Hold  up, before we go any further, lets review one of the many telling statements made by Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) in order to establish some context:

“who makes the game? do I make the game or do they (players) make the game? there are 30 owners. we create the game” (3)


Now check  this out:


1.  Chicago Bulls-owned by Jerry Reinsdorf   (Jewish)

2. Portland Trail Blazers- owned by Paul Allen (Jewish)

3.MIlwaukee Bucks -owned by Herb Kohl (Jewish)

4.Indiana Pacers- owned by Herb Simon (Jewish)

5.Seattle Super Sonics – owned by Howard Schultz (Jewish)

6. Golden State Warriors – owned by Joe Lacob (Jewish)

7.Miami Heat – owned by Mickey Arison (Jewish)

8. Los Angeles Lakers – Buss family (Jewish)

9,Brookly Nets – Mikhail Prokhorov (Jewish)

10.Philadelphia 76’ers –  Ed Snider (Jewish)

11.Memphis Grizzlies – MIke Halsey (Jewish)

12. Minnesota Timber Wolves- Glen Taylor (Jewish)

13. Los Angeles Clippers – Donald Tokowitz (Sterling)  (Jewish)

14. Houston Rockets- Leslie Alexander  (Jewish)

15.Cleveland Cavaliers – Dan Gilbert (Jewish)

Adam Silver (Jewish) – NBA Commissioner whose father is friends with former NBA commissioner David Stern (Jewish). (2)

I can already hear some of you saying ” wait a minute Kody , just because 16 of the Leagues 30 teams are owned by Jewish people and the current NBA Commissioner is also Jewish doesn’t mean they won’t vote to oust the Jewish racist Donald Tokowitz (Sterling)”


” yeah,and besides Michael Jordan owns a team too, so there”





uncle-sambo ….Uncle Sambo !!! , I knew it had to be your simple Simon sell out  ass.

And for your information Uncle Sambo ,  the team Jordan owns, the Charlotte Bobcats ,Is the poorest in the league. how’s that for irony?

but I digress……..

Lets reflect back on another of ol’ Massa Donald’s statements…it may prove to be prophetic:

“….Jews when they get successful, they will help their people” (1)



einstein anti semtic quote

Mark Chabanisky (Cuban) isn’t going to vote  his fellow Jewish billionaire team owner out of the league and neither are any of the other Jewish team owners. And since you need a majority vote and they own the majority of the teams guess what niggas?

Look at it this way family. When majority white Juries are charged with finding other whites guilty of practicing racism what is the outcome in the over whelming Majority of the cases?

Hint: Emmitt Till , Rodney King, Trayvon Martin , Jordan Davis and thousands more over hundreds of years.

the deck is stacked, the fix is in , and the game is rigged.

Sterling will keep the Clippers….Mark Cuban dog whistled that today.

but just remember family…..this shit ain’t over until our ancestors have their say.

and they haven’t spoken yet.









Donald Sterling Places a Nigga Wake Up Call

tumblr_static_ydnwuc_newspaper_heading_tumblr_4Donald T. Sterling, La La Vasquez


“He who has ears, let him hear” -Mathew13:9


I had to hold off on writing this post until the smoke cleared and the blood dried.  A wise black man remains silent in times of danger and April is a dangerous month for non-whites. For those of you who don’t know, the fourth month of the year is a sacred one for White Terrorists.  April 20th is the born day of Adolf Hitler, their god incarnate and every year they throw him a month long bloody birthday party with all the fixins’ : Mass murder, mayhem, destruction, physical, spiritual and psychological attacks on non- whites, and the deaths of as many innocent people as possible.


Think I’m bullshitting? check their resume: Kansas city Jewish center shootings (4/15/14),  Boston marathon bombing (4/15/13), columbine Massacre (4/20/99),  Oklahoma city bombing (4/17/95),  Waco slaughter ( 4/19/93), Rodney King verdict/riot (4/29/92), murder of Black Panther National Treasurer Bobby Hutton (4/6/68), assassination of Martin Luther King (4/4/68).  No doubt they get devilish in April and 2014 was no exception.

0102-donald-sterling3-2 2014-04-24-ABC-WN-BundyFRAZIER GLENN CROOSS

White supremacy makes for strange bedfellows . Donald Tokowitz(Sterling), Cliven Bundy(6),  and Frazier Glen Miller(4).  A Jewish Billionaire ,  a red neck cowboy , and a murderous homosexual Nazi snitch each took turns giving Big Poppa Hitler birthday lap dances all through the month of April and made their asses clap like a white supremacist twerk team with Tourette syndrome.


Of the three aforementioned White supremacists it is Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) who  stole the show with a sickening 35 year record of economic and psychological assaults upon black people. It’s a sinister twist of irony that he be the one to honor Hitler’s birthday with the biggest present of all , the public humiliation and psychological castration of every black man in the NBA.

However, all was not lost. there is some higher shit at work here. Our ancestors nailed three fools to an astrological grand cross by the light of the blood moon. And in so doing not only revealed a hidden face of white supremacy, but also showed us a sobering reflection of ourselves as well.


Field Niggas lace your boots up tight and sharpen your machetes. It’s Nat Turner time on the plantation.



Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) is white America’s lecherous, drunken, rich uncle.  The one who shows up to family gatherings high as a Georgia pine. He knows all the family secrets and don’t give a husky fuck about telling them in front of company.

He keeps popping up in our living rooms with his fly open, pissy drunk off of white privilege , money and power.  All up  in our face, his hot ass breath smelling like denture adhesive and stale p#$$y. Their uncle Donald is only too eager to include us in the conversation about race that white  people usually  have when we ain’t around.  Why not? we’re just niggers and besides he gives lots of money to the NAACP.

As I watched the interviews and listened to the tapes of the malevolent un-mensch Donald Tokowitz (Sterling) castigate his self hating negro bed wench for taking pictures with Magic Johnson and various other non-infectious d-list BBC’s the thing that stood  out to me wasn’t his standard issue white hatred of black men , rather it was his unnerving sense of  superiority that punctuated his every sentence as he hissed them like a wise old serpent.

Where does this shit come from?  Is it a defense against feelings  of racial inferiority?  is it compensation for some type of sexual short coming?  what is the root cause of this unrelenting animus in supercilious armor?

And then my third eye spied the subtle intimations that laid bare the origins of his malice:

D. Sterling : it’s the world! You go to Israel. the blacks are treated just like dogs.

V. Stiviano : so do you treat them that way too?

D. Sterling : The white Jews , there’s white Jews and there’s black Jews. do you understand?

V. Stiviano :  and are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

D. Sterling : 100%, 50 , 100%!

V. Stiviano : and is that right?

D. Sterling : we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong. we live in a society. we live in a culture. we have to live within that culture.

What culture  is he  referring to ? What society? Of course he could be referring  to American  society,  but since  he used  Israel as an example  I assume  he is  talking about  Jewish culture . However , Jewish  culture isn’t  monolithic in  that it  contains  many   varied movements and sects each with its own practices / mores as they relate to the faith and the cultures/societies which surround it.

 That being said,  Mr. Sterling’s views echo those of a high profile and very influential sect of Judaism known as the Chabad Lubavitcher (Hasidics).  And trust they gives no fucks about no goyim ( non-jews) , especially no Schvartze Goyim (black non-jews).



Time to run a back ground check y’all.


The Chabad sect of Judaism was founded in1796 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman and  has its  own holy book entitled The Tanya which was written by Rabbi Zalman as well.  The Chabad Jews study the Tanya unlike other sects of Judaism which study the Torah(1).


The Tanya is the bible of Chabad Chassidim upon which hundreds of books and thousands of discourses by seven generations of Chabad Rebbes are based (1).

Many Liberal and Conservadox  Jews distance themselves from Chabad but they have been strongly influenced by Chasidic  teachings(2).

So what does the Tanya have to say about people like you and me?

“…..the souls of the nations of the world ( all non-jews) however emanate from the, unclean “kelipot”(evil forces)which contain no good what so ever” (pg.5) (1).


File that away for now.



The warm and friendly looking gentleman pictured above is Rabbi Schneerson  and he is considered the Chabad Messiah or Mosiach. Although he died in 1994 he is still considered their leader and his teachings are looked upon as part of the official Chabad ideology. Check him out looking all messianic n’ stuff.


So what profound spiritual knowledge does this messiah proffer to humanity?  Let us contemplate two jewels of Schneerson’s timeless wisdom:


” the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all nations of the world…the difference is so great that the bodies would be considered completely different species…an even greater difference exists in regard to the soul…a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness” (1).

And just so  we are clear when he refers to Jews he means Ashkenazi  Jews ( France , Germany,  Eastern Europe-white folks).  Sephardic Jews (Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Middle East-sand niggers) get slightly more love than non-jews , whom you might have guessed get Bupkis Bubala!!! ( Nothing baby).

hold on to your rising sense of enlightenment y’all there’s more:

” A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose: he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created only to serve the Jews” (1)

Apparently the divine emanations served the messiah quite well. “according to  the times Schneerson presided over a religious empire that reached from the back streets of Brooklyn to the main streets of Israel and by1990 was taking in more than 100 million dollars a year” (3).


Game recognize game

100 million a year?! pouring in from a reported 200,000 followers world wide? sounds to me like a lot of Mainstream Jews are giving these cats  money too , and if they are kicking in like that then its a safe bet that they share some of their views on non-Jews as well.

do I think they are racists? hell motherfucking yeah I do.


Uh oh, look who they sent  to prove me wrong.


black hasidics

Shyne-jewish                              “whatever white folks do, a nigga will try”


for real my niggas?….. damn.


Now that we have a  social / cultural context to help us understand Uncle Donald’s world view and his actions towards black people , lets take a moment to review his history:

  • “I wanna know why you think you can coach these niggers”(said to potential coach Rollie Massimino, 1983) (5)
  • “That’s because of all the blacks in this building, they smell, they are not clean”( said to property supervisor, 2002, sworn testimony) (5)
  • “is she one of the black people that stink? just evict the bitch”(5)
  • “and it’s because of all the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day”(5)
  • “I don’t like Mexican men because they smoke , drink, and hang around the house all day.”(5)
  • “Don’t bring black people to my games” (said to V. Stiviano,2014) (5)
  • “why are you taking pictures with minorities” (said to V.Stiviano,2014) (5)
  • Rejected black coach Jim Brewer in the 90’s telling former general manager Elgin Baylor ” personally , I would like to have a white southern coaching poor black players” (5)



Black folks do me a favor and utter the following Yiddish curse aloud with righteous conviction while concentrating on Donald Sterling’s racist ass:



That should make you feel at least a little better. Ain’t nothing like cursing a bastard in his own language.

but I digress…





Any doubts about who the white supremacists are?  Here’s a hint…they’re white!!! I don’t give a hot damn if they are Gentile, Jew, Christian ,Muslim, Buddhist , Sikh, Scientologist , Satanist or Atheist.  It’s 2014 and hence forth all white people will be regarded as racist suspects until proven otherwise. We don’t have no more time to be sifting though Caucasians.


“Kody, you are the one being racist now” ….What?!….who said that?



COON STEVEN…….mmm hmm I should have known it was you.


I beg to differ.

In order to be a racist one needs power. I can be biased. I can be prejudiced. However, I don’t have the systemic muscle to be racist.

so fuck you.

For purposes of crystal clarity please use the following  definition of racism/white supremacy :

“A  global system of people who classify themselves as white and who are dedicated to mistreating/subjugating/exploiting everyone in the known universe whom they classify as non-white in 9 areas of human activity: economics , education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war for their own (white people’s)benefit”. -Neely Fuller

or for those of you with ADHD:

racism is prejudice with a system in place to enforce it.


uncle ruckus

Now that we got that cleared up its time to do some reflecting.


Family.  There is a hurt, angry, broken heart behind every word I write.  Over 100 years of struggle for symbolic equality in the arena of sport.  Racial theater acted out in boxing rings , on tracks , baseball diamonds, football fields, tennis courts, golf courses, and basketball courts. Records broken ,records  set,  gold medals , billions in profit generated , some of it even passed through black hands. Yet still considered 3/5 of a man? GOD DAMN.

From Jack Johnson to Jesse Owens to Muhammad Ali we could always point with pride to you, our mighty exemplars of infinite potential actualized as proof of the best in us. But something happened on the long road to wealth, fame and glory. Now you seem afraid to “STAND YOUR GROUND” when a white man blatantly disrespects you and by extension, all of us.

When did this happen?  How did this happen? was it the money?

yes it was.

The people who profit from your talent, dedication and hard work-extended family members, friends, gold diggers, team owners, agents, sponsors, et al. neglected to teach you two very important lessons.

1).  Money can’t buy respect, especially from those who have more of it than you. From them respect must be taken.

2).  “power cedes nothing without demand. It never has and never will ” – Frederick Douglas

You were born too late to bear witness to what real champion Black Athletes look like when they speak truth to power. So take a moment to behold courage.


ali protest                                                                            black-athletes

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not hating on y’all.

I know who taught you that apathy pays. You are the spawn of a mute , apolitical , human corporate logo.

black jordan logoHis Royal Airness , who when asked why he wouldn’t support a black candidate running against the racist Republican North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms he dutifully replied “republicans buy sneakers too”.


Despite the cognitive dissonance triggered by viewing millionaires as victims of white supremacy , that is exactly what you are. It became obvious to the world when you needed to ask for permission before responding to being disrespected.



No love lost brothers. We are products of a Matriarchal Black culture that denigrates the importance of fathers and promotes athletic achievement as the equivalent intellectual accomplishment and uses dollars/status as the metrics of manhood.

We send our sons into sports feeder systems where the gatekeepers are white men who hold the keys to realizing their dreams. Thus they get accustomed to  being submissive to white male authority and become easy prey for the Donald Sterlings and Jerry Sanduskys that lurk in the shadows of the sports world.


riley-and-santa-pay-what-you-oweThe white supremacists had a ball in April, but this shit ain’t over by no stretch son.  Everyday this  universe is flushing the wicked from their lairs out into the open for the world to see. And they better pray that they don’t run into the wrong nigga.

Yours truly,




And now a word from the oracle……



I  predict….

….V. Stiviano will write a tell all book like her potna Superhead, mutilate her face with more plastic  surgery, get a Hydrogel ass implant, make a porn tape, star in a reality show, marry a dumb rich athlete, have a special needs baby, move  next door to the Octomom and never be heard from again.

….The Clippers will not be taken from the Tokowitz (Sterling) family. that moment has passed.

….There will be no  protest against the NBA owners lack of real action to remove Donald Sterling. The issue will vanish into litigation  and the black players will do nothing.

….The Kabbalistic Warlocks will use their magic flat screen mind control machine to beguile the masses of sheeple into blind acceptance.



















Nevermind the “New Black” Crack: Pharrell Plugs The Alchemist!

pharrell 1

I had just finished dancing  to like thirty seven choruses of Happy with some elderly Slavic, Ukrainian and Argentinian folks (who would’ve never gotten along if it hadn’t been for this song), when I popped onto this Afro Alchemist blog for a bit of light, cultural thought stimulation…

dancing 1

… and POW!! Kody’s railing my man Pharrell for merely attempting to help give our wonderful Black community some new refreshing space, new water to drink, new insight… new dynamic vision to operate from…

grills 2 booty 2

… a break away from the Gangster grills and booty slapping lyrics that we too often listen to with our kids. It’s obvious that this guy is on top of his game and sees a vision of how he can help move us all towards uplifting not only our own humanity,  but also contribute to everyone else’s.

twerk 1

Now I know it’s hard to twerk and make that booty clap to Happy, but sometimes we have to try new things. Hell, I had just gotten through ordering like five different colored, fresh mountie hats! And I’m appalled that anyone would attempt to knock this cat down.

pharrell 5

But it won’t work anyway. This cat’s frothiness is uncontainable; he’s sincere, he’s talented, he’s rich, he’s caring. he’s enchanting, he’s talented, he’s rich, he’s visionary (did I mention he’s rich and talented?). The guy is like Bugs Bunny meets Quincy Jones! Seriously, screw Kanye and let this guy into Disney studios right away.  And I bet we’ll all, at the least, be momentarily emancipated and feeling GUUUD, just like when Frankie Beverly crooned it (though good ol’ Frankie also mentioned the Joy n Pain, Sunshine n Rain polarity balance). So I guess it was actually Bobby Mc Ferrin who sang, “Don’t Worry! Just Be… ” (there goes that “H” word). But Pharrell is here to tell us screw they galaxy reverberating institutional inequities out here and press play on the music – it’s a NEW DAY, damnit!!!

dancing 3

And I appreciate that to some extent, because even if we do have entrenched, systematic, institutional undermining going on everyday, sometimes I like to transcend all of that crap for at least a minute or two and come up on the side of joyful expression! I am that I AM… bitches!!!

Marci book 1

In case you didn’t know, there is a book that was written (fairly recently) called Happy For No Reason.

It was written in 2008, by Marci Shimoff.  And no,  she doesn’t stay in my neighborhood. But I’m attempting to move a little closer to her mental neighborhood. Because in it, she talks about raising your “happiness set point” and happiness habits like 1) focusing on gratitude 2) don’t believe everything that you think 3) incline your mind towards joy 4) see the world as your family, and 5) trust that it’s a friendly universe

war torn 4starvation 6

Now, for instance, if your country is being bombarded everyday by all sorts of lethal, military industrial complex distributed weaponry, or you are starving to the point of your rib cage being exposed, you might find some of these focus habits a tad bit challenging. Well, that’s understandable. You probably can offer a book, or two, for Marci and the rest of us to read.

frustration 1

frustration 2

But many of us are not really in that dire of a situation. So then it doesn’t change the task before us. How can we transform this Game of Life, moment by moment, first as an expression of our innermost authentic spiritual essence? And then secondly, yet simultaneously, how can we work through the transformative, step by step, everyday encounter with Life while such incredible, systematically entrenched, backwardness, inequity and dysfunction is taking place all about us?

the alchemist

Pharrell told Oprah, “My colleague suggested I read The Alchemist, and it changed my whole life!! Because I realized all the people that conspired to get me to this place.” He further added that, “You have to be unafraid to dream. And then you have to be even more brave and gallant about blueprinting what you have envisaged.” The man’s creative capacities are not only unlimited, but honed by his self-development work to shape his magnificent journey.  And through it shift some of what would be considered the Impossible, into the category of Possible.

confusion 2apharrell 2

His “New Black” definition, while unanchored in any real comprehension of culture, or communal involvement, still rang of passion and commitment to see a way, a possibility. What may have landed for many as a whimsy, bourgeois blind-sided, bohemian hip hop leprechaun-like, escape route from the hard core hammer of modern racism, is also the soul centered campaign of young visionary who perhaps could just use some further coat tail pullin’ and information upgrade…       like most of us.

Pharrell And The New Black Republik Of Unkle Tomistan

By: Kody M.F. Jarrett


The universe has been busy exposing delusional coons over the last few weeks. First , Kobe Bryant revealed himself as the culturally Autistic narcissist we always suspected was lurking beneath his outsized atheletic ability (1), then Al Sharpton got outed by his past for being a failed drug dealer, FBI snitch , and GOP snake for hire (2), but  just before we could squeal a collective James Brown-esque GOOD GAWD Y’ALL!  Mr. Happy himself  AKA  Pharrell Williams reminded us yet again what happens when money fades a brother’s sense of blackness to a dull shade of gray (3).


Maybe it was the tear inducing, cathartic effect of snuggling  in the droopy bosom of America’s misandrist media mogul mammy Oprah Winfrey. Or possibly those wack ass “Dudley-Do-Right had a yard sale” mountie hats are fitting a mite too tight on Skateboard P’s  understandibly swollen head.


Whatever the case may be the nigga got on T.V. and blithely showed his fashionably stank ass.  Apparently writing and producing songs that make white artisits sound black (Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, Brittny Spears) qualifies the Neptune to remix a new version of that Neoliberal Boule classic “The Up By Yo’ Bootstraps Rap”. Peep homie’s funky definition of the “New black” :

“The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The New black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation, it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or work against you  and you’ve got to pick which side you are going to be on”

Why thank you! my sartorially challenged friend. WIth the push of a philosophical mixing board fader Racism/White Supremacy is no longer a factor in the life of the “New Black”. Misguided, pesky, personal  faux pas such as being routinely stopped and frisked , mass incarcerated, systemically denied justice, education, employment, and housing by a brutally efficient system administered with ruthless precision by people who classify themselves as white, can now be eradicated by a simple change of mind…


who knew?

lawn jockey

Might I humbly suggest to Mr. Williams that he gather his “New Black” kindred  and they form their very own money made, negro-topia and christen it Unkle Tomistan. An idyllic, paradisiacal, plantation colony where docile, compliant, super atheletes and musically gifted, non threatening, “happy” pick-a-ninnies can breed among themselves to produce a mutant race of mindless albeit hyper talented, genetically selected, Uber Schvartzes that will be harvested every twenty years or so by the entertainment-industrial complex.  Just add money and subtract any semblance of historical context  and before you know it, a hybrid strain of dancing lawn jockeys will be cranking out catchy lil’ ditties like “Happy”;

“Here come that news talking this and that, yeah, well, give me all you got and don’t hold it back, yeah, I should probably warn you, I’ll be just fine, yeah, no offense to you, don’t waste your time here’s why….because I’m happy”



And we all know if it’s one thing white folks just loooooove it’s happy niggers singing happy songs.

It’s time to stop singin’ and start swingin’


Seriously Y’all, we have to stop deifying these willfully naive, simple Simon-sellout-sons-of-bitches and start using social media to tar and feather their asses with our unified scorn until they figure out that the only way we are going to survive is if we all ride together for each other.

A million dollar nigger is just that.





Baa, Baa, Black Sheeple: African American support for Obama’s N.S.A spy apparatus


Edward Snowden’s exposure of the massive U.S. government domestic spying operation conducted by the Obama administration on everybody and their mama has revealed more than just the Orwellian surveillance bubble that has replaced America. Amidst the hue and cry over the loss of privacy and the ominous foreshadowing of the totalitarian future we already occupy, a deeply disturbing portrait of Black America was uncovered.

According to a pew research poll “60% of blacks approve of the governments collection of telephone and internet data as part of its anti-terrorism efforts. Only 44% of whites wanted the meta data collections to continue”.


black sheeple

If blind support for Barack Obama is any measure of the moral I.Q. of Black America, then we have sunk to the level of the German people during the Third Reich. Oh, how quickly we seem to have forgotten the savage excesses of COINTELPRO and the ways in which illegal mass surveillance was used to lay the groundwork for a government orchestrated hell on earth designed to systematically destroy blacks in America. A system implemented by the American version of The Reichfuhrer of the Nazi S.S. Heinrich Himmler, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover.


In her book titled “The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret F.B.I.” author Betty Medsger makes it plain. “Every F.B.I agent was required to hire at least one informer to report to him regularly on the activities of black people. In the district (D.C) every agent was required to hire six informers for that purpose. On one campus in the Philadelphia area, Swarthmore College, every black student was under surveillance”.

The sad fact that the majority of black people have been glamoured into endorsing a Fascist spy state is a bitter irony of Kafkaesque dimensions. It’s the ultimate Jedi Mind fuck. A spell cast straight from the grimoire of Satan himself. Implant a black face in place of the master race and VOILA!


The painful memories of how Jack Johnson, Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, The Black Panthers, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Mutulu, Assata, Afeni, and Tupac Shakur were all targeted by the U.S government magically fade away into the stygian depths of suppressed history.

cointelproAnd along with them our recollection of the cold blooded assassinations of Malcolm X, Bunchy Carter, John Huggins, Martin Luther King, the Kennedys, Fred Hampton and thousands more who were swallowed whole and buried deep within the bowels of the insatiable prison industrial beast.

Make no mistake , the wing tipped jackboots of the American Bankster Fascists are marching us all down a new Trail of Tears single file behind the former second generation C.I.A asset cum Commander in chief H.N.I.C.


This cat is the 21st century Manchurian Candidate. A life form socially engineered to be WHOM and WHAT he is: a dual purpose lightning rod/blind love magnet who serves as the ultimate diversion. He simultaneously taps into the innate blind hatred the majority of whites nurture for Nigga’s while passively diverting their attention away from who is really fucking them-their elite one percent brethren.


Meanwhile, back on the plantation his mute telegenic image gently rocks black folks to sleep as they blissfully hum “ain’t no stopping us now”.


Ol’ boy is the quintessential middle manager; too scared to even fart without first checking which way the wind is blowing. He isn’t the first nor will he be the last in a long line of obscure ideological cut outs plucked from the political ethers and groomed to oversee the interests of the white people who own the United States government. He is without a doubt a vetted member of a lineage of useful idiots stretching back to Harry Truman and proceeding right up to the 44th occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…..but I digress.



…Hillary Clinton pushing weight under the subliminal campaign slogan: “The niggers had their chance now let a white woman fix what’s wrong with America”. Any criticisms of her shepherding what’s left of the broken, bewildered, and befuddled masses into corporate servitude will be charged to misogyny and a phony debate about gender discrimination will muddy the waters while a school of carnivorous, hybrid mutant , Goldman-Sachs shark/piranhas shear what little flesh is left from the shivering , skeletal remains of the American body politic.

food lines

… More flaming tap water with your dinner of GMO soy spam and crackers?


flaming tap water

No thank you,


Check please.